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Write For Us Submission Guidelines

If you would like to write for us regarding wedding guest post. Please kindly check out our guidelines before processing it further. Make sure you can follow all the guidelines below in order to get approved.

  1. 600 minimum words length for article
  2. Your article must be related to wedding, please check out “Coverage Topic” section
  3. Maximum 1 link insertion into article
  4. 3 Images minimum in an article

If you have read all the guidelines above. Please submit your article to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use this following form.

    Coverage Topic

    There are many topics you can submit here. You can select one of them then you can find your topic idea. After that, you can start writing there. You have to ensure that it must be accepted here. So, what kind of guest posting topic we accept? Check out the list below.

    Wedding Ideas

    If you love wedding ideas and you tend to share what your thought. Submit your guest post then. You can write for us right away.

    Wedding Design

    Thinking of sharing a wedding design? Do it right now. Start writing for us and it would be our pleasure to publish it.

    Wedding Plan & Destination

    Planning to create a nice wedding event? We are waiting for your guest post submission here. It is now your time to share your wedding plan & destination. No matter you would like to held your wedding it would be a nice concept to be published here.

    Wedding Cake

    Wedding cake is really important, we have about 10 thousand readers every month looking for wedding cake. You can submit your guest post here. Adding article is really easy, start sending an email for us.

    Venue & Catering

    Wanna get a perfect wedding? It is now your time to write for us about your idea regarding venue & catering concept. Send it right away!

    Bridal Hair

    Are you having a nice bridal hair article? Why do not you send it here. We are looking for your writing here.

    Make Up

    To whom who love to share about a make up? Write for us right away under this category since we need lot of make up article here.


    Having a nice set of jewellery of your own? Turn it into article and you can send your guest post submission here. It would be nice to accept you into our guest poster.