Natural Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Memorable Moments

Outdoor Wedding Decoration

A wedding is an event of a lifetime. It’s the moment where you start your life with a new family of your own. But, it’s sometimes a pickle to set the perfect decorations for your wedding. If you prefer an outdoor theme for the event, then here you can find some wedding decoration outdoor ideas you can apply to your special day.

The Ceremony Decorations

The ceremonial is the crucial moment when you are about to be united with your spouse. And if you choose your marriage to be outdoor, there are certain decorations you can apply to match with the outdoor feeling as follows.

Welcome Sign Ideas

The welcome sign will be your frontier in welcoming all your guest that will come, therefore, picking the right sign design is crucial. Because the place here is outdoor, then a theme of nature is very suitable. You can see some of the sign ideas below.

Welcome Sign 2
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© Etsy

From all the three ideas above, it’s an eye-catching design to combine the wooden boards and the greenery. The second picture also suitable with all the wooden board accent and the drawing of flowers. The use of glass to replace wooden board like in the third picture is also a very good option if you want it to add modern feeling.

Seating Design Ideas

The seating sign is where your guest will choose to seat. Use a sign with unique quotes but make sure that the quote is not offensive so the guest can choose freely. See the ideas as below.

Seating Sign 1
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Seating Sign 2
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Seating Sign 3
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All the seating sign ideas come with friendly quotes that you can apply in your wedding. It is also very cheek and match for the outdoor wedding with the use of wooden boards.

Aisle Markers

The aisle marker is the decoration to be put along the aisle in your wedding. See some of the ideas below.

Aisle Marker 1
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Aisle Marker 2
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Aisle Marker 3
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For markers, you can use anything as long as its match with the color of the chairs so it will be appropriate. It’s all depends on your creativity to which you will use. As in the picture, you can even use fruits like pineapple as the aisle marker.

Aisle Runner

Aisle runner will be the carpet you use along the aisle of your wedding. Pick one with neutral color because your wedding is outdoor so if you use a color which is too bright, it might irritating the eyes. Check out some of the ideas below.

Aisle Runner 1
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Aisle Runner 2
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Aisle Runner 3
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The use of white color is clearly the best choices because it’s such a neutral color. And with white, it can be combined with any colors do you want as your chair.

Ceremony Arch

The ceremony arch will be the second focus after the groom and the bride in the wedding. The arch will characterize the whole wedding theme. See the ideas below.

Ceremony Arch 1
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Ceremony Arch 2
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Ceremony Arch 3
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The best choices are to use pale color for your arch because it can match with everything around the setting and luckily will match the wedding gown of the bride. Use colors like white, pastel, or soft pink for the calmness effect.

Dinner Table Decorations

Now, here comes the dinner table part. It will be the place for your guest to enjoy your wedding party. Make it as comfy as it can and also to match with the outdoor setting. See all the necessary decorations for the dinner table below.


The centerpiece is the thing that you want to put in the center of the table. For the wedding, don’t add a centerpiece that blocks the view from one guest to another. Use centerpiece that is low enough so it will not block the view of someone. See some of the ideas for the centerpieces below.

Centerpiece 1Centerpiece 2Centerpiece 3Use centerpieces like in the picture, they don’t block the guest view who will sit in the chair. And also, since it’s outdoor wedding, dominate all the things with green to give the outdoor feeling more atmospheric.

Table Runner

The table runner is the thing that you place on the table to be the platform of all the things above. Use table runner with neutral colors or similar color as the table.

Table Runner1

Table Runner 2

Table Runner 3


The placemat is something that you put on the table for the guest. Use a placemat with the color that blend with your table like some of the ideas below.

Placemat 1

Placemat 2

Placemat 3

Chairback Decor

To add more aesthetic value to a chair, you can use some chairback decor. Use a textile that comes with a neutral color like white. See some ideas below.

Chairback 1

Chairback 2

Chairback 3

Reception Decorations

The reception is the part where you’re having fun with the guest that have come to your wedding. Bring the atmosphere of fun and endless joy to everyone with the correct decorations as it will be listed below.

Guest Book Table

The guest book table is where your guest will first come and it is the frontier of your wedding. Don’t add something that you think unnecessary. Keep it simple but keep it according to the outdoor theme.

Guest Book Table 1

Guest Book Table 2

Guest Book Table 3

Guest Book

Guest book is where all your guests will sign up and leave their best wishes for you. Create the book as creative as you can be. The creativity is unlimited. Create the best as you can or you can find inspiration from some of the guest book below that will suit your outdoor wedding.

Guest Book 1


Guest Book 3

Guest Book 2

Card Receptacle

This is the thing where your guests will put their gift card for you. And again, things like these need your creativity and your own taste. See some of the inspirations below.

Card Receptacle 1

Card Receptacle 2

Card Receptacle 3Now, those are some of the inspiration you can use for your outdoor wedding. Pick the style that suits the outdoor environment like the picture no.2 that use a log of wood to give the outdoor feeling as much as it can.

Cake Stand

The cake stand must not be something that you forget. Keep it simple and make it match with the surrounding of your wedding. Check out some of the ideas below.
Cake Stand 1

Cake Stand 2Most of the people who chose the outdoor wedding prefer a log of wood for the cake stand. It’s a good choice so it can give more vibrant of the natural surrounding.


To give some lighting at the night of your wedding party, you can add some overhead decorations for both the aesthetic and the comfort of your guests. Check some of the inspiration for the overhead decorations below.

Overhead 1

Overhead 2


With all those ideas that I have shared with you, I hope one of them inspired you in setting up your beautiful and memorable moment. It is something a bit picky about choosing the right decorations. Don’t think too hard about it because in the end, it’s your choice to pick which one you prefer. No matter what you choose, as long as you and your love one agree with it, it will be beautiful.


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