The Best DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas || Make Your Own Invitation!


Prepare your wedding party is not easy. One of the complicated things is a wedding invitation. Surely, for some of you who do not have any knowledge of wedding invitation must confuse how to create one. If you are one of the people who want to create your own invitation, you make a right choice to come here. We prepare the best DIY wedding invitation ideas which you can copy to create the best wedding invitation ever.

Design Ideas

The first thing you must know when creating your own invitation is about the design. You need to think what kind of design, you want to apply for your wedding invitations. The design below may inspire you to choose the best one.

Lesser Cut Wedding Invitation

lesser cut
© wedbook

If you want to make something different, you can apply the lesser cut design to make your invitation look beautiful than ever. From the picture above, you can see the lesser cut with a shape of a tree. Of course, you can still make a different shape depending on your wedding theme. For a beginner, make the lesser cut wedding may provide you some challenge. You need some special tool to make the precision shape.


Heart Shape Wedding Invitation

heart shape
© sally rose studio

For the next design, we choose heart shape to make your invitation card lovely than ever. As you can see the design really simple. From the simpleness, It can show how wonderful the heart shape on its invitation. You can also add a small heart icon in the left or right side of the card.

Fan Wedding Invitation

wedding fan invitation
© nulki nulks

Can you imagine shaping your invitation looks as a fan? It is unbelievable, right? Most people will think like that. Forget all the negatives thought about the design before you see the picture above. If you love something simple and unique, fan wedding invitation is the right choice for you to apply. The design divided into three section, front, middle, and back. Because this is basically a fan, you can swipe it like a real one.

Decoration Ideas

It is not enough if you only have a good wedding invitation. You also need to support it with a decoration to make it even prettier. Hopefully, the decoration below can inspire you to create the best one.

Ribbon Decoration

© suchastyle

Do you already find your dream invitation? If you have, how about the decoration? Of course, you need to put it to make it more awesome than before. The first decoration you can choose is ribbon. This is the most simple one. Just place it on your wedding card. Do not forget to choose the same color like your invitation.

Flower Decoration

flower decor
© elegant wedding invites

You can also use a flower for the decoration. Surely, everyone already knows flower is a symbol of love. So, it is not a bad idea to choose this kind of decoration for your wedding invitation. Moreover, all people can feel how deep you love each other. The design above is really gorgeous, the flower shape and color really support the design of the card.

Beaded Lace Decoration

beaded lace ribbon
© C wedding invitations

The beaded lace decoration on the picture above is really something. It looks really awesome and luxurious. If you are a type of people who like something elegant, choose beaded lace for your wedding invitation is the right choice.

Another Concept That You May Like

If you still confuse to create your own invitations. You can see a list of the picture below. Hopefully, the design below can satisfy your needs. Of course, this is basically a concept, you can copy it or you can add additional decoration to make it more perfect. Please enjoy the design right away.

concept 1
© Jen Goldenberg
concept 2
© Jen Goldenberg
concept 3
© 6invitations
concept 5
© invites wedding


Create your DIY wedding invitation is not easy. There are some aspects you need to know about it beforehand. But, the important aspects you should know are about the design and decoration which you want to put on your invitation card. If you are not satisfied with the wedding invitation card above, feel free to check out another concept that you may like.


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