Rustic Wedding Invitations With Chic and Unique Design Ideas

rustic wedding invitations
© mod wedding – To make your wedding invitation card looks vintage, here rustic wedding invitations may you choose for the best design. This invitation design has been arranged with cute and unique design ideas. With a recycled and nature material, it is suitable to make this wedding card looks perfect and charming. The wedding planner here creates a unique model design, it also suitable to support your rustic wedding theme. For that, you may see the variety of perfect rustic wedding card design below. There are cute and chic wedding invitation cards that you can choose for your best moment. If you want to know how the details, let’s see them!

Rustic Wedding Card With Jute and Shell Design

You may choose a unique design to create your wedding invitation. Here, to support your perfect rustic wedding card design, the designer try to create it with jute and shell design. This material is suitable to make your rustic wedding card looks perfect and awesome. It will bring out a vintage outlook also. For the paper, the designer chooses a brown color and to design it, he applies a jute and shell to put on the cover of this wedding invitation. This will show a nature impression and make this looks so chic and unique. For that, the rustic wedding card here may you choose as the reference of your wedding card design.

rustic wedding with seashell
© mod wedding
wedding invitation with rustic design
© mod wedding
rustic wedding card with butterfly decor
© mod wedding

Chic Wedding Invitation With a Lace Design For Rustic Concept

For the next concept of the rustic wedding invitations here, the designer also creates something beautiful. For the design, they make it looks cute and awesome. By applying a lace material, this will make the wedding invitation here more perfect. It may bring out an elegance outlook to your design. Even the design looks simple, but the designer makes it looks outstanding with a lace design and use a charming color such as navy, gray, and pink color which very compatible to make your wedding invitation looks vintage and elegant. For that, a chic wedding invitation here may you choose to invite your guest for coming to your party.

rustic blue wedding card
© mod wedding
gray wedding invitation
© mod wedding
pink and gray rustic wedding card
© mod wedding

Simple Rustic Wedding Card Designed With Recycled Materials

Then, to make your perfect rustic wedding card design looks awesome, the designer using recycled materials as the main concept design of this wedding invitation. This will make simple rustic wedding card ideas here more vintage even perfect. Actually, the design seems like the first design above, but the designer did not use a shell to adjust on this card. This is suitable to support your rustic wedding by applying this material on it. For you who want to add other ornaments, you may adjust it, but remember do not use something excessive. Just make the simple one but it can present a perfectness.

unique rustic wedding card
© mod wedding
cute rustic wedding card
© mod wedding
simple rustic wedding invitation
© mod wedding

So, do you interested in applying the rustic wedding invitations like the following picture above? You may apply it to your rustic wedding theme. To make it more perfect, you may choose and follow it. Let’s choose which suitable design above!


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