The Rise of QR Code Can Coolers: Interactive Wedding Favors


ech has evolved since the 90s, and one of the coolest inventions has to be the QR code, also known as the quick response code that was developed by the Japanese corporation Denso Wave. It was for the most part invented for labeling automobile parts. But, evolution has changed now you can see QR codes everywhere from restaurants to retail shops, marketing, making payments, and also now they are popping up in the wedding industries.

The event management industry is also booming with the usage of QR Codes to help guests with a better experience. In this guide, we will discuss how you can use the QR code technology and make your wedding day more digitally enhanced. 

The Evolution of Digital Innovation In Weddings

Long gone are the days when traditional weddings were a thing, now it has become quintessential to make tech part of your weddings. Nowadays, wedding planners are choosing to use QR codes to look more modern, and creative in the following ways:

 Easy Communication: QR codes are a cool way to inform your guests about RSVP information, dress codes, and the date of the wedding.

 Improved Guest Engagement: QR codes can also be used to direct your guests to buy gifts from wedding registries. They can be used to share home videos and photos, and also sign digital guestbooks.

 Smooth Experience: With QR codes every information is just a scan away. Every minute detail like the seating charts, menus, and drink menus is just a click away.

7 Fantastic Ideas For Using QR Codes For Your Wedding

As we mentioned before, the introduction of QR technology has made the overall wedding experience more delightful, we share 7 creative ways to use them to make your D-Day even more memorable.

Wedding Invites and Save the Dates: Now you can customize every product for your wedding which can also be used as party favors. A few products that can work as party favors are wedding coasters and save-the-date calendars, and you can also customize koozies for wedding, which will be very useful for your guests as well as serve to keep the beers cold for longer. Personalize them using your favorite quotes and add a QR code to look more tech-savvy.

  1. Digitized Wedding Program: QR codes are a great opportunity for tech-savvy wedding planners to provide detailed information regarding the ceremony. They are also an environmentally friendly way to send the invites.
  1. Interactive Engagement Experience: Use QR codes to share a wedding microsite, a digitalized guest book, or even a live photo-sharing feed where guests can view photos in real-time. It can become a fun and interactive activity for your guests as well.
  2. Wedding Menus and Seating Arrangement Charts: A cool way to incorporate a QR code to any of your wedding favors is by adding a seating chart or wedding menu so that your guests can anticipate the menu they will be served. You can also customize koozies for wedding if you have a drink menu, which will be a nice surprise for your guests.
  1. Party Favors and Gratitude Notes: You can show your gratitude to guests, in a creative way by linking personal notes to the QR code, you can also photograph or videos of you thanking your friends. It is a unique way to thank your loved ones rather than just sending out straight store-bought thank-you notes.
  1. More Photos and Videos: No event is ever complete without taking a million pictures. An amazing way to store these images clicked by your guests is by creating a shared digital album and adding a QR code to it. It makes the sharing of the pictures easy and makes it accessible to all of your guests.
  1. Attend Virtual Events: We know that not everybody will be able to attend your special day. But you don’t need to make your guests feel bad or miss out on your event. You can use QR codes to give access to the live stream of your wedding. If you live abroad and you cannot have your family by your side, it will be an amazing idea to livestream your wedding. You can also customize your wedding favors by adding a lovely quote along with the QR code.

Are You Ready for a Tech Wedding Now?


We hope you enjoyed reading this sweet guide with a techy twist. Also, we recommend adding a customized wedding favor to make your wedding special. Just for a quick overview, you can use wooden coasters, customized can coolers, save-the-dates, and thank-you notes to add a QR code. Use QR codes to livestream your wedding in case your guests are not able to make it to your special day. Let us in the comments below, if you enjoyed reading these ideas.


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