17 Elegant Greenery Wedding Invitation Designs with Natural Elements

17 Elegant Greenery Wedding Invitation Designs with Natural Elements

Roowedding.comThe greenery wedding theme is a natural-inspired trend. The greenery concept genuinely provides you an option to decorate your big day with its brilliant green and white colors, stunning blossoms, and fresh leaves. You may use this theme not only for your wedding decorations and venue but also for your elegant greenery wedding invitation ideas. This concept is simple to incorporate in with any wedding idea, regardless of any season. You may create unique invitation cards using many green colors shades, foliage, or white flowering illustrations.

One of the most important and first items to consider while planning your special day is the wedding invitation. If you read our post on greenery wedding theme ideas, you’ll notice that its invitation design includes white and green with natural elements. However, there are additional things to consider, such as textured materials, laser paper cuts, watercolor paints, and more, to make your wedding invitation seem romantic, beautiful, and sophisticated.

While incorporating greenery into your invitation suite, keep in mind that your stationery is more than simply functional. It also provides your dream wedding theme and schemes. So, do you have any ideas on how to go about that though? Take a peek at our 17 elegant greenery wedding invitation designs with natural elements below. From watercolor dark green leaves illustrations to white blush flowers and aesthetic calligraphy, we hope all of that might inspire you.

Rustic Pine Trees for Winter Invitation Design

Dark green forest pictures or pine and pine cone illustrations might be appropriate for a winter wedding invitation design. But what exactly makes this elegant greenery wedding invitation stand out? Couples try to applicate customized images to the invitation design that would make it have a romantic accent. Aside from that, you can also choose a white wintery pine trees illustration with a wooden accent and string lighting that would look great to use in industrial wedding themes. But importantly, you should use white and green palette colors and natural elements like green foliage, which would make your invitation suite look more rustic.

Geometric Eucalyptus Invitation Design

Bring geometrically eucalyptus foliage to create sophisticated and elegant greenery wedding invitation ideas. Choose geometric shapes such as a pentagon, hexagon, or rectangle, for the frame stationary. And then add a silver dollar or seeded eucalyptus to provide a greenery emphasis. Or you can combine another palette color such as gold and black that make your invitation design look more classy and elegant.

Gold and Sage Green Foliages Template

I can’t help but smile when seeing this elegant greenery invitation design. I’m obsessed with two or three-toned hues combos such as white, green, and gold. This color scheme would create simplicity but still, it looks classy for your wedding template. Natural elements like green foliages might also make your invitation perfect for spring or summer weddings. That would remind me of fresh rustic accents. And the touch of gold in the illustration or stationary makes it classy and lovely.

Eucalyptus Watercolor Invitation Design

When thinking about natural elements to create an elegant greenery wedding invitation design, green eucalyptus foliage is mostly used for the template. Using the watercolor design, make it more aesthetic and sophisticated. Aside from that, you can use another palette of colors to bring your wedding theme to it. For instance, you can use a pink blush watercolor eucalyptus illustration for romantic fall weddings.

Lush White Flowers Invitation Style

One of our favorite aspects of the greenery wedding theme is how to customize the natural look to become elegant greenery wedding invitation designs. For this, you can try to include lush white flowers in your wedding announcement. For watercolor invitation cards, you may include white roses, peonies, or jasmine as well as some green foliage painting. Having both color combinations will make it simple but gorgeous.

Elegant Greenery Crown Design

Make a custom announcement with this elegant greenery wedding invitation design. A beautiful crown of some flowers and foliage frames your invitation to bring your wedding atmosphere nicely. A refreshing style that is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Bring a sunflower crown that would seem fun in your summer wedding theme. Or using a watercolor wildflower crown frame that looks pretty for the rustic concept.

Simple Caligraphy Rustic Invitation

You don’t always need a blooming garden and foliage for an elegant greenery wedding invitation design. Sometimes it’s all about simple minimalist calligraphy and flower illustration in monochromatic can be a lovely choice. This monogram design that’s used typical single hued could be such a great touch on your invitation suite. For instance, the sweet pink roses in blush color invitation is a lovely way to create romantic wedding announcements. Just make it as simple as possible like getting wildflower picts for rustic design. This design is perfectly chic for a summer garden wedding.

Blush and Pink Floral Illustration

Aside from white and green coloring, blush or pink shades can be much more lovely to count on your elegant greenery wedding invitation design. Make it look more fun and cheerful with some beautiful floral illustrations. This invitation card would be stunning to play on your spring and summer wedding ideas. As such when you use cherry blossoms as the template or watercolor pink roses sketch. It should be pretty enough that would bring festive to your wedding.

Modern Greenery laser-Cut Wedding Invite

This laser papercut design is another sophisticated elegant greenery wedding invitation to consider. That looks fantastic with the delicate lovely laser-cut design in front of your save the date card. You have the option of making it rustic by creating floral and tree paper cutting designs. Don’t miss out on the natural elements such as using white, green, and brown hues, or watercolor foliage to adorn your stationery templates.

Emerald Green Wedding Invitation

Feeling confused about how to create an elegant vibe with green hues? Just try on emerald green for your wedding invitation design. The green emerald tint is a deep dark green hue that usually created a mysterious and elegant concept. Whether in wedding ornaments or for designing your invitations, get this coloring style to create classic elegant greenery wedding invitations. You can try to use splash emerald with gold stationery that seems classy. Aside from that, getting clear acrylic with gold stationer in the emerald green envelope would look fascinating.

Tropical Greenery Wedding Invitation Design

Emphasize your beach wedding theme with tropical greenery wedding invitation designs. Illustrating some botanical greenery such as monstera, palm, and colocasia leaves in your invitation is one of the ways to convey tropical-inspired design. Or you can certainly create a seaside beach vibe with coconut tree details that incorporate into your invitation card.

Greenery Frosted Acrylic Invitation

If you are bored with a typical common invitation format, try to use frosted acrylic designs. To make it resemble elegant greenery wedding invitation designs, you have plenty of options. For example, you can print white flowers and green foliage on the acrylic. Also, you can choose green envelopes to save the acrylic invitations and send them to your guests. Semi-transparent materials and greenery illustrations with green schemes could work well to bring the natural themed set to life.

Wooden Luxury Wedding Card Design

Designed a customized elegant greenery wedding invitation idea using laser engraved genuine hardwood cards. This would provide a natural first impression of your wedding theme. Wooden wedding invitations might become an option for rustic wedding invitation suites. However, if you want a low-cost alternative, you can use natural brown paper for the materials.

Rustic Greenery Card for Country Wedding

A wedding with the countryside and industrial theme idea need a chic invitation design that can represent it. And this elegant greenery wedding invitation design pulled it off perfectly. We love the wooden design with industrial lighting that makes your wedding card look rustic. Besides that, adding greenery to the combos is perfectly fine to bring a fresh greenery theme or other wedding ideas. For instance, want chic summer you can get sun flowering watercolor design in wooden and string light basic card save the date. Or having a green foliage crown to bring elegant spring weddings.

Botanical Wedding Invitation Card

Hosting a garden wedding, or using a winery and vineyard wedding theme idea? These elegant greenery wedding invitation designs would be great to choose from. You can try to bring olive branch illustrations in your monogram wedding invitation ideas. Or when you want to resemble a vineyard and winery illustration, it would be a great idea for your outdoor wedding.

Succulent Foliages Wedding Card

When thinking about greenery weddings, you wouldn’t be regardless of succulent plants. You might be found many ways to apply succulents to your wedding. Whether for wedding bouquets or wedding cake decorations, even in your wedding invitation design too. These desert plants actually look beautiful and create an aesthetic design in your elegant greenery wedding invitation idea. From watercolor succulents foliage to real picts printed in the wedding card design, that would flawlessly adorn your personalized announcement.

Black and White Greenery Invitation Design

Keep all the things elegant with black and white color schemes. This greenery invitation design welcomed guests to a modern and classy wedding. You can choose a great monogram style with monochromatic hues in floral illustrations. Or adding watercolor floral and foliage in the base black paper design to save the date. And then, you can also choose gold detailing featured with an illustration of greenery foliage for an elegant and classy design.

All of the elegant greenery wedding invitation designs have been shared. Hopefully, we can assist everyone who is looking for inspiration for their wedding invitation design. So, thank you for reading, and best wishes to whoever is getting married. Also, don’t miss to take a look at our other wedding invitation ideas such as elegant wedding invitations in simple and beautiful designs. Or when you want something that unusual, read our article about unique and unforgettable Halloween wedding invitation design.


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