Planning A Summer Wedding: Check Out These Summer Wedding Ideas


Summer is the perfect time for a wedding. The sky is that perfect shade of blue, and the warm sun sets everything in such an excellent mood. However, amazing Indian Wedding Cards are expensive, and the last thing you want to consider is spending a lot of money on your event. Many people have a general idea of what a summer wedding can be, with visions of big ball gowns and tuxedos, flowers galore, and dancing into the night. But many people are unaware that there are both formal and informal summer weddings.

You do not have to sacrifice your wedding day to please the guests. A summer wedding allows you to be creative regarding your special day as you do not have to worry about what to wear. This is excellent news for brides as you can wear a comfortable dress without sacrificing looks or style. It is also a very romantic way to get married as it will allow you to experience your love in more than one way.

Top ideas to consider

1. Selecting poolside/lakeside/beaches venues:

Venues are essential for any wedding event. Selecting a platform that allows you to celebrate your day in the sun will help make your summer wedding glorious. A beach wedding is a perfect choice because you can celebrate with your guests on a beach and the weather is cool so everyone can have an enjoyable time at your garden wedding without having to worry about it getting too hot.

2. Invitations based on wedding venues/locations:

To have a good choice of invitations, you will need to ask everyone what they would like. The date can be whatever; the wedding can be at the reception site or any other appropriate place. This will allow you to have a great time without worrying about anything else. You can also ask everyone to dress up or dress casually, depending on the theme of your wedding.

3. Vibrant Colour Palette can be used for decoration with flowers, balloons, etc.:

Lavender, turquoise, and light blue are some of the most popular colours for summer weddings. These colours are very soothing and will make everyone feel like having a good time. The balloons can be in various shades of the same colour or different colours, depending on where the wedding is being held.

4. Welcome Baskets with fresh seasonal fruits, coolers, etc.:

Welcome baskets are the perfect choice for your guests because they tell them how much you appreciate them being there on your special day. It can be a large basket with snacks, fruits, and drinks, or small so that each guest gets one as they walk in. This will also ensure that they have something cool to drink as they wait for you to come down the aisle. You can offer each guest a welcome basket as they arrive at the reception or make it a game by lining them up by tables and giving them baskets according to their seats.

5. Variety of drinks & ice creams to beat the heat (Welcome drinks, floating cocktails, etc.):

Cocktail hour is an essential part of a wedding reception, allowing your guests to sit and relax before they go on the dance floor or have their dessert. If you are having a beach wedding, you could make floating cocktails out of ice and fruit juices so that people can enjoy their drinks swimming in the pool.

6. Prefer shady areas to avoid direct sun:

Avoiding direct sunlight will allow for a comfortable environment for your guests, which is essential, especially if the weather is sweltering. This will also ensure that everyone has a great time and does not get too tired from being in the sun all day. You can decorate with various shades of the same colour, or you could have areas that are white or light pastels so that people can relax and avoid getting sunburns.

7. Minimal & lightweight clothing should be used for both the bride and the groom:

Summer weddings can be straightforward and are perfect for those who want to save money. You do not have to spend so much on your wedding day as you can take advantage of the weather and location. You could also be at a beach wedding where the weather is sweltering, so you do not want to wear heavy clothing that will make everyone sweat.


8. Minimal & waterproof makeup:

Wedding makeup is essential, but you do not want to wear it a lot if you have a summer wedding. You do not have to worry about getting your dress dirty because you can change into something more comfortable after the ceremony. This will allow everyone at the wedding party to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day, especially during the photos taken before and after the ceremony.

9. Provide cooling gadgets, install fans/cooler or use air-conditioned spaces:

Setting up a fan or a cooler around the reception site will make everyone feel a little relaxed, making them much more comfortable and allowing the guests to slow down and not get too thirsty. You can also ask your vendors to provide fans so that they do not have to incur extra expenses. This should be done even if you have an outdoor wedding. You can avoid heat exhaustion for your guests.

A summer wedding can be a great way to share your love with everyone and make your day special. All you need to do is consider a few things, such as the weather and the location of your wedding. You can have an outdoor wedding at a beach so that everyone will enjoy the cool breeze, or you could rent out an indoor space if it is too hot and humid outside. Whatever you decide, make sure that you and your guests have a great time as that is all about. The most important thing about planning for a summer wedding is ensuring everyone stays cool even though they are outside all day.


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