8 Celestial Wedding Ideas for Starry-Eyed Receptions That You’ll Love


Roowedding.com – There are times when you want something unusual and unique to make your wedding day perfect. Therefore, when you pick up a theme for your big day consider drawing a sky in your wedding venue. Those who love whimsy and pretty things may find celestial wedding ideas appealing. Celestial-themed, we’ll help you get a dream wedding inspired by the wildest dream you may think of. So, keep reading!

Whether you choose a zodiac theme or a space theme, dark moody color schemes and starry skies should be embraced in the celestial wedding ideas. However, if you don’t want to appear dark, simply incorporate a few starry accents into your wedding decorations. Celestial motifs such as the sun, moon, planets, and stars, make statements about your wedding. You can try to adorn your table dinner with constellation tableware, dark blue table runner, and use terrarium lanterns for centerpieces.

There are numerous eye-catching décor elements available to you. From creating a milky way in your wedding cake design, crescent wedding arches or backdrops, and filling your venue with starry decorations, here 8 celestial wedding ideas for creating starry-eyed reception that you’ll love. Scroll down to find out how to incorporate a celestial theme into your wedding!

Celestial Wedding Attire

The first thing to consider in your celestial wedding idea is your wedding attire. There are numerous ways to draw a starry sky, one of which is to draw a starry night in your wedding attire. Celestial-themed attire, whether drawn on your bridal gown, groom suits, or bridesmaid or groomsmen attire, always makes you look sparkling.

Sparkly Star Bridal Dress

As bridal gown ideas, consider dresses with star details! Furthermore, you can use unusual wedding gowns by selecting colored non-traditional wedding dresses such as beige, navy blue, black, or grey and then adorning your gown with sparkling star-studded all over your dress. You can add a magical touch to your wedding dress ideas by using beaded embroidery, pearls, or sequins. Also, consider accessories that can enhance appearances, such as wearing lunar locks in your hair, an embroidered veil, or solar pumps for wedding shoes. So, there are some ways to bring a celestial wedding idea into your wedding dress look.

Moody Groom Attire

If you want to carry out celestial wedding ideas, the colors blue, black, and purple should be used for your moody groom’s attire. You can also add glitzy embellishments to the suits, such as sequins or beads. Consider a luxe velvet suit in a midnight blue or black shade that complements the celestial theme. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, bring a hidden galaxy printed under your groom’s blazer. You can also draw a starry night sky in the tie/bowtie or pocket square, using a solar tie clip, and use other celestial items for accessories.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire

You can give your bridesmaids and groomsmen the celestial look. Dress the bridesmaids in blue, black, or moody deep colors. If you want to add a glamorous touch, use sequin blue for fancy bridesmaid dresses. That would make your lady in honor look stunning like a starry sky. While for the groomsmen, they can dress up like the groom in navy or black suits. When you want to try something new, have your groomsmen wear navy and white suits with suspenders.

Celestial Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is a special accessory for your big day. A piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing for marriage that symbolizes your unity ceremony. Therefore, your wedding ring should be unique and bring your personality. For a completely celestial wedding idea through your accessory and jewelry, you can pick solar and moon rings, zodiac patterns on the rings, or star rings. Besides, there are numerous ways to personalize your celestial bridal band from simple star rings to a glamorous crescent ring with a large diamond.

Celestial Wedding Invitations

Want to announce your marriage in a spectacular way? These invitation suites feature something that wonderful that spouses of zodiac signs, galactical themes, starry night templates, and more. Besides your invitation design is the best way to introduce your celestial wedding idea to guests. Your wedding stationery will hint to your guests about what is to come at the wedding. For those who love something magical, celestial invitation designs full of imagination boast constellation drawings, the milky way, or even more aesthetic designs that look great for Inspo. Then, for celestial invitation suites, the best colors are rich blue, black, and purple, with a metallic color palette. Use this invitation design to wow your guests before they attend your big day.

Celestial Wedding Decorations

Whether for a wedding ceremony or reception, there are typical decorations for celestial wedding ideas you need to consider. There are so many details you can easily incorporate, from a crescent wedding arch, and moon-shaped cake topper to all of the geometric lanterns with starry lighting. Just explore your creative ideas here to achieve wonderful celestial wedding ever. You all know, even the sky is limitless! So, here we’ll be giving you inspiration!

Wedding Arch and Backdrop

There are several options for drawing a celestial theme into your wedding arch and backdrops. From incorporating a wooden moon into your wedding arch design to swirling gold stars and blue linens, you can create breathtaking celestial wedding backdrops. With a celestial wedding arch or backdrops with crescent detail, you can transport your guests to another galaxy. Using some string lights which are hung and a personalized neon sign would give you a starry night accent with a more industrial look to your wedding backdrop. While you can also bring another wedding theme like using blue pampas grass crescent to bring a celestial bohemian wedding into your arch design.

Terrarium Lantern Decorations

Using terrariums, especially geometric terrarium lanterns to elevate your celestial wedding decoration is a great idea. Add a whimsy vibe with terrariums that you fill with string lights or candles to become table centerpieces, aisle markers, or hanging lanterns in your wedding reception.

Hanging Decorations

To throw a perfect celestial wedding idea, putting something that hangs like star decorations above a reception dinner would bring celestial ambiance. You can hang some light white fabric with star origami that would elevate your outdoor venue to look more outstanding. While you can also add string lightings that would give you a starry sky at night. The fact when you hang moon lanterns in your reception especially going indoors, they serve as both beautiful decor and lighting. Furthermore, if you want to give something different that looks classic, use vintage crystal lanterns as your hanging decoration ideas.

Starry Chandelier

Lightening specifically can liven up your wedding venue and help to create the theme celestial. Choosing proper wedding lighting not only elevates your wedding reception but also highlights your wedding decorations. Getting celestial-themed, it would be great to pick starry chandeliers for the lighting. You can hang them on the ceiling to achieve a starry roof with twinkling lighting that is adorable. They look as good as real stars that will give you a stunning photo booth.

Celestial Welcome Sign

If you are thinking about how to greet your guests, a celestial wedding idea will provide you with a more visually appealing welcome sign. When your guests are entering the wedding venue, they will notice the celestial-themed signage first. The welcome sign can greet and inform your guests about the atmosphere of your wedding. As a result, you must design it in such a way that it fully represents the theme. These lovely welcome signs are more than enough to draw celestial wedding ideas. For example, a black-blue acrylic background with the groom’s name sandwiched between a crescent moon and sparkling stars. DIY projects on a blackboard that you stick out with star paper crafts can also be used. Furthermore, you can also create a classic welcome sign with a vintage frame with a milky way background, or if you want something that classy bring a metallic palette like gold.

Tableware Design

With these tableware bearing constellations, you can dine on the entire galaxy. These table dinner sets feature lovely sky creatures like a romantic lyric from Coldplay’s song “A Sky Full of Stars” that’s played while you have your wedding dinner. A crescent moon and constellation printed on your plate look so wonderful. Besides, you can also use black matte tableware to elevate your celestial wedding idea. Another option, you can also adjust the navy and gold color scheme with zodiac prints for the tableware design that gives a classy celestial-themed look.

Wedding Guest List Board Design

Instead of using a traditional guest book list, you can create a sophisticated design by displaying a celestial guest list board. You can have a canvas painted with a constellation, crescent moon, or zodiac sign in dark blue, black, and white. Because everyone’s attention will be drawn to the seating chart, use this opportunity to create an aesthetically celestial wedding idea at your reception venue.

Wedding Centerpieces

Set your table with outstanding centerpieces in the celestial wedding idea. Whether you include constellations in your tableware, use different shades of blue, black, and purple in your tablecloths to showcase the Milky Way, or add rich texture and dimension to the center of the table with crystal. All of that you can do to have aesthetic table centerpieces for your celestial-themed wedding. Besides, your wedding reception table centerpiece will make an impression on your guests. Regarding celestial-themed, it’s limitless even you can also bring out space films like “Star Wars” into your wedding table setting. Another easy way to create romantic celestial centerpieces is to use a zodiac table number and candles.

Celestial Wedding Bouquets

For wedding bouquets, there are so many creative ways that can bring celestial wedding ideas into your floral arrangement. From using string lighting in the posy to give you a starry vibe to using flowers in shades of blue, black, and purple that look like a night sky, or using crescent garland, it’s all give you beautiful bridal bouquets to accompany you while walking down the aisle.

Celestial Wedding Cake Designs

Cakes are the main element of the wedding that comes from old Romans. They can be symbolized fertility and good fortune for married couples. For the astronomy and celestial wedding idea, you can design your wedding cake based on galaxy themes. Ask your baker to decorate your wedding cake with blue, black, and purple shades and then gave out stars or moon details on it. You also won’t regret having some cupcakes or moon macarons as alternative wedding cake ideas. You can also treat your wedding cake to look like the milky way or a black hole from space which absolutely suits a celestial wedding theme. Besides, opt for a dark blue cake with fairy lighting in the middle of the tier that gives you a more starry night look.

Celestial Wedding Color Schemes

If you want to hold a celestial wedding, you can’t be far from dark and moody color schemes like black, navy, and purple. Consider some of the color combinations that would stand out in your wedding venue if you used galactical colors. Bring purple, teal, blue, and navy colors for a sweet galactical look. If you want to have an elegant celestial wedding, you can use midnight blue and white as the wedding colors. Bring a combination of ultraviolet, navy, and gold to your celestial-themed rustic bohemian wedding. Then, if you want something glamorous, classic, and elegant, a navy blue and gold palette can be an ideal option for your wedding color.

Celestial Wedding Favors

As thank-you gifts, give something memorable to your guests. Actually, there are many kinds of wedding favors that you can give to them. From edible wedding favors to aesthetical favors. If you want to hold a celestial wedding, you can use fireworks as gifts for your guests, which can be lit together at the end of the ceremony. Moreover, you can choose DIY aromatic lunar candles, give the guests galactical macarons, or give them wine with personalized crescent labels.

Those are all 8 celestial wedding ideas to bring the galaxy and space atmosphere to your big day. You can start to plan to incorporate the milky way in your invitation design, getting stars on all over your bridal gown, or drawing starry night into the decorations using lighting. This wedding inspiration can also be involved with another concept like an industrial wedding theme or bohemian wedding idea. We wish after reading this article, you can get inspiration on how to elevate your wedding with celestial themed.


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