Indulge Yourself With Pink Diamond Rings


Indulge Yourself With Pink Diamond Rings

Rings with colorful diamonds set in them are known as colored diamond rings. They can be elegant daily rings or rings for important events like weddings and engagements.

Customers and collectors who choose to be daring and wear colorful pieces of jewelry rather than the customary clear ones tend to favor them.

The fact that colored diamond rings can be both casual and enticing makes them excellent gift options as well.

Pink diamonds are a popular option when buying colored diamond rings such as the ones available in bespoke jewelers such as Astteria. Continue reading to find out what makes them a customer-favorite and why you should consider buying one for yourself or as a gift.

What Makes Pink Diamond Rings Fashionable?

Pink diamond rings actually look more stylish than any other accessible colored jewels and this is primarily due to the color. It exudes an elegant aesthetic and is renowned for its romantic atmosphere.

Additionally, there are many other color options available because colored diamonds have unique undertones that set each stone apart from the rest.

Do you desire a soft pink hue? Or would you prefer a richer, more vivid shade? You will undoubtedly find a colored diamond, like a pink one, that will fit your personality and preferences.

What Is Unique About Pink Diamond Rings?

The uniqueness of diamonds are largely factored by their rarity. Pink diamonds, in this case, are considered one of the rarest colored diamonds ever known and this is due to the fact that only 1% of the world’s total production of diamonds are known to be natural pink diamonds. The reason behind this is that the main supply source, the Argyle Mine in Australia, was shut down years back and thus speaks volumes about the supply shortfall, which is actually the result of this.

However, only a small number of pink diamonds were extracted from the mine each year even before it closed, thus owning one might be regarded as the height of luxury. After all, who wouldn’t want something incredibly unique in their collection?

How Are Pink Diamond Rings Priced?

The 4Cs, which are the fundamental criteria for grading diamonds, are the industry standard for determining diamond value. This group of factors, which includes cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, is used by professionals as a benchmark for grading diamonds of all types, whether it be colored or clear.

Determining if the pink diamond is natural or manufactured is crucial because there is also the origin element where it helps to know how the diamond came to be.

Pink diamond jewelry is made up of more than just the diamond itself; it also has a body. In this case, the ring band.

Another component is the gems that go with it. The majority of diamond jewelry has primary stones first, followed by secondary ones. In the case of pink diamond rings, the secondary gems are those that surround the main stone. However, this factor is not a requirement as some pink diamond rings only have the main stone and nothing else.

Most of these factors determine pink diamond jewelry rings prices and can affect the cost of every piece that is why it is ideal to understand them better.


To properly determine if a colored diamond ring such as a pink diamond one, like those offered by jewelry stores like Astteria, is the best option for you, it is crucial to conduct research beforehand and comprehend key aspects of them. It will help give you have insight in terms of pricing and also provide you knowledge in determining which exact type is to your liking.


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