Halloween Wedding Ideas | A Unique and Creepy Wedding Concept

halloween wedding ideas

A wedding is the happiest moment for lovers. It is the moment that someone will be waiting for. But, most people just apply the same thing for their wedding. Using the same concept all the time and don’t have the will to try something new. Do you want your happiest moment looks common and bored? I’m sure you don’t. So, you don’t need to follow the same concept like your parents or friends had. Just try something different like this Halloween Wedding Ideas. Maybe it looks a little bit creepy, but surely, you will like this one. In this wedding concept, there are so many things that you can apply starting from the dresses and suits, invitation cards, decorations, and cakes.

Halloween Wedding Dresses and Suits

If you are about to use this wedding concept, you should be all out. That’s why you need to find a wedding attire and dress which suits with this concept. And below here, we give you some of the examples of the fashion that your groom or bride could use for your Halloween wedding ideas.

Women’s Dresses

halloween women dress

As the bride, you need to use a dress which suits with this theme. Using all black color from the dress until the makeup will make you look so great. You will look like a vampire’s bride with a black lipstick and eyeshadow applied on your face. The black dress like on the picture above will make the impression of Halloween increasingly felt.

halloween white wedding dress

If you don’t like the one with all black from the top to toe, you can use the white color dress which has a combination of the black color like on the picture above. As you can see, the dress above dominantly using the white color. But, the dress combined with a black color corset as a decoration. It looks simpler than the first dress above but still suits with the Halloween theme.

Men’s Suits

For the men, you can try the one like on the picture above. The almost all black suit is really fit enough for a wedding with a Halloween theme and it suits perfectly with the bride’s dress on the first picture above. The attire above looks like a vampire clothing in the movie where it uses a white long-sleeved shirt. You can also use a black necktie, a skull look-alike pin, and a black handkerchief as the decoration.

As you can see in the second picture, you can use a long and slim coat with some shades on it. And combine it with a white long-sleeved shirt and the black vest as the first and second layer. This attire also suits with the Halloween theme that you will apply for your wedding because it also has the impression of a Dracula’s outfit.

Halloween Wedding Invitation Cards

Invitation card also one of the most important things in holding a wedding party. It is used to inform the people about your happiest moment in your life and to invite them to attend your wedding party. Here, we have two examples that you could use like Ouija and Gothic wedding invitation card.

Ouija Wedding Invitation Card

ouija wedding invitation



If you want to make your wedding party more exciting, you can use the Ouija wedding invitation card like the one on the picture above. It will add a scary feeling in your marriage because it is really similar to the real ouija board.

Gothic Wedding Invitation Card

The second one is the Gothic wedding invitation card which looks so mysterious and mystical. Maybe the design of the card look so simple and like the usual wedding invitation card. But, with a skull picture on it and some attracting words like on the picture above will make the impression of Halloween increasingly felt in your wedding party.

Halloween Wedding Decorations

In order to make get the feel of Halloween wedding party, you need to use the decorations which really suits the theme. And the decorations that you can use are as follow.


In order to make a decoration which suits enough with the Halloween theme, you can use the candle and place it on the top of a bottle. Let the melt spread throughout the body of the bottle. You can use the white colored candle like the one that you see on the picture above or you can use the black one.

Wedding Board

halloween wedding board

Are you bored with the usual wedding board? Why don’t you use a wedding board with a tombstone design? But, it doesn’t mean that you and your couple are dead. It just used to write the information about your marriage like the usual one. Maybe it looks creepy but as long as it suits the theme, why not?

The Other Decorations

Below here, there are some other decorations that you could use for your Halloween themed wedding party.

halloween wedding table decoration halloween wedding decoration

Halloween Wedding Cakes

The cake is the most important element in a wedding party. Your marriage won’t be complete without a wedding cake. So, here are some cake designs that you could use in order to hold your Halloween themed wedding party.

halloween white wedding cake

The first cake uses the white color as its background and combined with a red flower as the decoration. This cake also uses the melting chocolate to make the impression of blood being streamed.

halloween wedding cake

If you are a kind of person who likes extreme things, you can try the design of the cake above. This cake uses the all white color as its background and also for the decorations like the flowers and the puppet of the bride and groom. But, it uses the red color to create the effect of blood splatter and scars on the cake’s surface. Creepy enough to be applied on your wedding but it suits the theme.


If you really want to have a unique and creepy wedding party, you could apply this Halloween Wedding Ideas. With this ideas, your wedding party will look different than any other wedding parties that you have ever seen before.


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