Wedding Ring Ideas with a Beautiful Custom and Modern Design


A wedding ring is the most important thing in a wedding as it is the symbol to unite two people in a marriage bond. It is the thing that we will bring forever and as the sign to show that we have married. There are so many ring designs that we can choose for our wedding and here we have some good designs that you could use.

Custom Wedding Rings

The first wedding ring idea that we would like to share for today is the custom wedding ring. This design is really recommended because we can make the design of the ring according to our wishes. The good point of this design is that the ring will be the only one in the world.

custom geometric ring
© Samantha Cunningham

The first design that you may take as an inspiration is a geometric ring. This ring is so awesome because it has an unusual design. The gold color that used on the ring makes it looks luxurious. It would be a good wedding ring since it is not only unique but also beautiful.

custom fingerprint ring
© Amanda Fulton-Gero

If we really love our soul-mate, this fingerprint wedding ring should be the suitable one. The fingerprint pattern from both the man and woman are printed to the part of the ring with the black matte color makes the design more attractive.

custom heart waves ring
© Cherry Bloom

Customing the ring design with a heart waves pattern is a good idea. The design will make the ring quite unique and not plain. The silver color also makes it looks luxurious that will make us feel confidence while wearing it.

custom words ring
© Stefanie

If you want to find a really unique custom ring design, this one will be suitable. The rings are looks similar to the usual rings actually. What makes it different is the words that are imprinted in the middle of the ring. We can print or names or the love words for our mate on the ring to create a unique impression.

custom heart shape ring
© Melissa Mallma Jimenez

As we said that a wedding ring is a symbol of two people united. And in order to realize it, we can make a custom ring with a heart shape like the example above. The separated heart symbolizes that we cannot be separated with our mate.

The Other Custom Ring Designs

custom heart puzzle ring
© Janni Ernlund Madsen
interlocking ring
© Shishi Kroko
music note ring
© Rachel Burke
solar eclipse ring
© Yam Ramirez
king and queen ring
© Tamika Hamilton

Modern Wedding Rings

If we do not want to bother making a ring design, we could simply choose a ring that has a modern design. A ring with this design is really beautiful and would be suitable for our wedding. Below here, we have prepared some wedding ring designs that we could use as a reference.

modern rose gold ring
© Rachel Burke

The first modern ring design uses a glossy rose gold color that gives a luxurious impression. A single diamond that embedded on the ring also beautifies the design a lot. If we are looking for a modern wedding ring, this one should be added to our list.

black white diamond ring
© Tina

If you really want something glamour and luxurious, the black and white diamond ring like the picture above could be the best answer to your wish. The gold ring that is decorated with a gorgeous motif and black and white diamonds which is circling the ring is a really brilliant design.

sparkle wedding ring
© Anna Matos

This one is really suitable for the people who are seeking for elegance, glamorous, luxuriousness, and beauty. This sparkling ring is decorated with lots of small diamonds around it which makes it more than beautiful to see.

diamond and gold ring
© Amy Wright

For a modest but still looks gorgeous wedding ring, this diamond and gold ring will be a perfect fit. The design is really simple where it has no motive or pattern and uses the silver color as the main color and beautifies by one small diamond and a gold stripe.

white and rose gold ring
© Lamour Losange

This ring is really gorgeous where it combines the white and rose gold color to cover the ring and a diamond in the middle to make it more beautiful. The design is quite elegant and of course, looks modern.

The Other Modern Ring Designs

crossed line ring
multicolor ring
© Joelyn Erckens
silver ring with diamond
© Lil Nerdy
twin gold ring
© Alyx Sara
beautiful modern ring
© Maks Shavit


Those are all the wedding ring ideas that we can share for today. We highly recommend you choose one of the ring designs above for your wedding. Choose the best one for you to make an unforgettable wedding ceremony.


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