Modern Wedding Dresses Ideas that Will Make You Look Beautiful and Modern at Once


Choosing a good and beautiful wedding dresses is really important as it will make us look outstanding. However, a lot of people are still confused to choose what kind of wedding dress would be suitable to wear in their wedding ceremony. If you face the same problem, there is no need to worry and confuse anymore since we are here to help you. Here, we would like to give a suggestion by showing some modern wedding dresses ideas for you.

sweetheart neckline dress with lace
© tuna

The first design is really gorgeous to wear as it looks so modern with a sweetheart neckline and lace as the decoration of the dress. The white color also added a more modern display to its design. Surely, every bride who wears this wedding dress will look so beautiful.

cap sleeves and bateau neckline
© Elenor Shaw

If you are looking for a modern wedding dress with a simple design, this one could be suitable for you. The designer who made this one really knows how to make a beautiful dress. We believe that the woman who wears this dress will look like a princess in the fairytale, especially with the pearl look-alike white color that is used for this gown.

off shoulder dress
© Fabiola

The off shoulder style wedding dress that is combined with lace is a really perfect combination. The ribbon on the waist which used as the decoration makes this design looks more gorgeous. And the modern impression is increasingly felt with all of those things on it. Surely, it will be a really good wedding dress to wear.

off shoulder dress with long sleeves
© Suzy Casamenteira

A slim fit dress with an off-shoulder neckline and long sleeves style is really suitable for the woman who has a good shape body. This dress will show your body shape perfectly as it is so slim from the top to the waist. The design is really elegant and modern as well which completed by a beautiful motif on it.

backless dress with ribbon
© Want That Wedding

If you want a modern wedding dress with a sexy display, this modern backless dress with a gorgeous ribbon is a perfect choice. The design is a little bit simple but, the modern impression is still felt. The color also makes this dress looks gorgeous where the designer prefer to use the cream color rather than the white one. This dress becomes more beautiful with the existence of cute ribbon on its back.

deep v-neckline dress
© Deer Pearl Flowers | Wedding Blog

This dress looks so modern with a deep v-neckline and a little bit transparent design. The beautiful motif around the chest and waist add some modern look to this dress. Without sleeves on the design makes this gown sexier. If you are a kind of person who love to wear a sexy gown, this one would be a perfect fit for you.

backless mermaid dress
© Elenor Shaw

Another backless wedding dress which has a different style from the first one that we have shared above. The dress looks quite unique with the use of two-layer skirt. The first layer uses the mermaid style wedding dress and the second layer is a transparent one with a gorgeous motif around the side of the skirt. With this dress, we really sure that you will not only look beautiful but also modern.

bateau neckline dress
© Janice Gutjahr

The next modern wedding dress design that we can share is a dress with bateau neckline. We can see the modern look of this design already just from its neckline. The designer also adds some decorations to the waist and a very nice motif around the dress. You will look like a beautiful princess with a beautiful crown on top of your head as an addition.

A-line skirt dress with off-shoulder neckline
© Deedee

You can also try this one if you really want to wear a modern wedding dress. An A-line skirt dress is really popular a long time ago, and it is still until this day. A skirt design like this often seen in the kingdom era and in the fairytale story. But, it looks modern with an off-shoulder neckline and floral motif on the whole dress.

modern wedding dress with pocket
© POPSUGAR Fashion

The last but not least. We could say that this one is a dress with the most modern design that we can share in this article. Look at the top side of this design where it uses a high neckline with no sleeves starts from the shoulder. The bottom side uses the A-line skirt which looks elegant and fits perfectly on the top side design.

Final Words

Are you satisfied with the modern wedding dresses ideas that we have shared above? Those dresses will make you look beautiful and modern as well. So, if you are confused to choose a dress with a modern design, just pick one of the references above. We sure that they will suit you.



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