3 Types of Unique Wedding Dresses that will Make You Looks Beautiful


Choosing a good wedding dress is really important for a wedding ceremony as it is one of the most important elements in a wedding. And if we are talking about the design, actually, there are a lot of great dress designs that we can choose. But, if you are the kind of person who does not like something that looks usual or common, you should check out the unique wedding dresses designs that we are going to share below.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

We add this wedding dress because it is really unique where it has a shape that looks like a mermaid’s tail with a slim waistline. This gown is suitable for the women which have a slim or sexy body because it will show our sexiness and of course, will make us look beautiful too. Mermaid dress has a lot of designs that we can choose and we have some references here.

sweetheart mermaid dress
© MODwedding

The first design uses a sweetheart neckline as it has a love shape in the neck. It will show our upper chest a little that will make us looks sexy especially since it also has a very slim waistline.

backless mermaid dress
© Angela M

If we would like to wear a more sexy wedding dress, we can use this open back/backless gown. The design above uses the open back design but, it is not fully open as it uses a transparent fabric which creates a beautiful ornament on our back.

long sleeves mermaid dress
© Rachell Wagers

For a sexy and glamour wedding dress, we could take an inspiration from this design where it combined a straight and v neckline into one. It also has long sleeves that will add a glamour impression to the dress.

cowl neckline mermaid dress
© Olivia lLake

This one is really suitable for feminine women who want to looks beautiful but do not want does not like a dress that is too sexy. It still looks quite sexy actually, but it does not expose our chest too much as it uses a transparent long sleeves and cowl neckline that covers the chest until the top.

spaghetti strap mermaid dress
© Katie Smith

The last mermaid dress uses a spaghetti strap design. Actually, it is quite similar to the sweetheart design since its neckline formed a heart shape. But, this one is different because of the existence of a strap on its neckline. This dress is really beautiful as it beautifies by a gorgeous motif.

Goddess Wedding Dresses

This kind of dress maybe looks quite simple but, the designs of this gown is really unique because it can make us look like a real goddess. We will be so beautiful if we wear this wedding dress for our wedding party because the dress will show the feminine side of every woman. Now, let us take a look at the designs that we have shared below.

v nack goddess dress
© GemGrace

Just check out how beautiful is this dress. The simple design that uses a v neckline like the picture above is really suitable for a beach wedding party. It is not only simple but also comfortable to wear. The white color of the dress matches perfectly with a white floral wreath as the headdress.

crossover goddess dress
© Tiana Morgan

If you want to be a Greek Goddess, this crossover neckline dress should be a really good choice. The design will not only make us look gorgeous but also sexy as well. With the hair styled like the Greek Goddess makes this dress looks more beautiful.

spaghetti strap goddess dress
© The Knot

This is the simplest goddess wedding dress design that we share. This one is very simple because it uses a spaghetti strap style on its neckline in order to create a gorgeous look. If we would like to wear this dress, it is more suitable for a garden wedding ceremony.

low back goddess dress
© The Wedding Scoop

For a sexy look, a low back dress design is really suitable. We will not only look like a goddess if we are wearing this dress but also become the sexiest and the most lovely woman in the ceremony.

off shoulder goddess dress
© Rachael Burger

The off shoulder dress above also has a look like a Greek goddess which very beautiful. This design is quite modern and it will make us look elegant and glamour. An off shoulder design combines that combines with a v neckline is a really good combination. This dress surely will make our beauty radiated.

Princess Wedding Dresses

If we want to have a wedding like in the fairytale, we can wear a princess wedding dresses that we are going to show below. Of course, a wedding gown like that would be the biggest dream of every woman. It will make us look so beautiful and we will never forget our wedding ceremony forever.

cowl neckline princess dress
© Ziane NG

This cowl neckline princess dress will make us look like a barbie. Just take a look how elegant and gorgeous is this design. The gown is really awesome because it beautifies with the use of lace on the skirt dress.

straight neckline princess dress
© Cotswold Bride

The next design is quite simple since it does not use any ornaments or lace to decorate the dress. This one uses the straight neckline that often used by the princesses in the fairytale story.

high neckline princess dress
© Hi Miss Puff

If you want to look glamour, this high neckline princess wedding dress could be the best choice. Using a high neckline and long sleeves that cover all of our body will make us looks so feminine. This could be a really good dress to wear.

low back princess dress
© Noivas em New York

Look at the outstanding design of this low back dress with a princess style. It could show the elegance and the sexiness of the user without any doubt. The top is relatively simple but, people will be amazed when they look at the low part of this dress that uses a pretty lace.

sweetheart princess dress
© beformal

The last but not least. The last design that we can share is the princess wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline. We will look so attractive by wearing this design as it also shows the sexiness of the user.

Final Words

We hope that all the unique wedding dresses design that we have shared above could really give a hand to all of you. Choose your wedding dress wisely but do not too confuse in choosing it because all you need to do it choose based on your taste. We wish you have a great and happy wedding!


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