10 Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces with Beautiful Designs


A wedding ceremony will not be complete without wedding tables that used for the invited guests to enjoy the event and foods. In order to make all the guests enjoy our wedding event, we should decorate the table to make it looks gorgeous.The most important decoration is the centerpieces which are a decoration that placed in the center of the table. Here, we would like to share some of the minimalist wedding centerpieces design. We have lots of examples that could be your reference.

wreath and candle centerpiece
© Junebug Weddings

The first design that we are going to show you is known as wreath and candlelight centerpiece. This design uses a floral wreath with greenery and white flower that match the tablecloth which also has the same color. Moreover, the use of candlelight in the middle and around the wreath beautifies the look of this design.

geometric centerpiece
© Glamour & Grace

The geometric candlelight that uses in the picture above is really gorgeous and unique because the design is unusual. A centerpiece design like this is really suitable for the people who hold a wedding ceremony with a luxurious theme. It will make our wedding looks glamour and add more luxurious impression even though the design is quite minimalist.

mix flower centerpiece
© Анна

A colorful flower that placed in a beautiful pot could be a smart choice. This wedding centerpiece is not only looked simple but also budget-friendly. This one is really recommended for the people who do not want a too fancy wedding reception. Moreover, it is very well-matched for a garden-themed wedding.

wooden box centerpiece
© Hi Miss Puff

This one is wooden flower pot that will be a perfect fit for a pastel-themed wedding ceremony. The design gives priority to the soft and pastel color for the flower where white and pink color is very dominating. The use of wooden pot is to emphasize the existence of this decoration in the middle of the table.

bird cage centerpiece
© Yes I Do Mariage

If we are holding a vintage-themed wedding, a flower inside a bird cage would be a unique and amazing idea. This centerpiece will make our wedding table looks beautiful and for sure, the invited guests would be very happy with the existence of this design at their table. Choose the flower with soft color like pink, cream, white, or peach to provide a cheerful atmosphere.

gold lantern centerpiece
© Significant Events of Texas

Gold lantern centerpiece like the one on the picture above really suits the style of a luxurious wedding reception. The floral wreath that covered around the lantern already beautifies this design a lot. Moreover, with the additional candlelights in a classy look glasses that makes it more outstanding to see.

tin can centerpiece
© Kellyjean Watkins

A flower in a tin can pot is also suitable for a garden-themed wedding party because the appearance of this design already reflects it a lot. Just take a look at this centerpiece which matches perfectly with the tablecloth and the other environment around it. It blends very well and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

potted plants centerpiece
© taylor franz

For a simple wedding centerpiece, we would recommend you use a small potted plant. This design is so modest and suitable to use for a wedding ceremony with a garden-themed. Using a centerpiece like that allows us to place not only one but many. We could place two or three small potted plants to decorate the table.

tree branches centerpiece
© Pamela Owen

A flower bucket with tree branches on top of it is really suitable for a wedding with a more formal situation. It will match perfectly with the concept especially, the existence of the white flowers. This centerpiece design is absolutely beautiful and it will bring the classy impression as well.

bamboo centerpiece
© SDezigns

For modest people, a bamboo centerpiece is a design which will be suitable to be applied. The design is relatively simple and looks minimalist where it just uses small bamboo sticks that are combined together. It also beautifies by adding a gorgeous flower on the top of the bamboo. We highly recommend this one because it can be used almost on every theme of a wedding reception.

That is all the 10 centerpiece designs that we could share with you. Hopefully, what we have shared could be really useful and will inspire you a lot. Choose your wedding centerpiece wisely in order to amaze all of your invited guests and make them enjoy the ceremony of our wedding.


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