Rustic Wedding Invitation Ideas with a Simple Design


A wedding invitation is one of the most important elements for a wedding as it is used to invite the guests to come to our ceremony. Choosing a good invitation card is really needed in order to give a good impression to all the guest. Actually, you do not need to confuse in choosing it. You do not need to choose an invitation that has a glamour or luxurious design. Just choose the one that looks simple like rustic wedding invitation ideas below.

rustic wedding invitation
© Karen Sasek

Using a rustic wedding invitation is not a bad idea because it looks simpler and elegant. This design does not use too much color and rarely used the bright one. It prioritizes the likes of gray like the example above, brown, and etc. As you can see the design looks really modest and it is suitable for the simple people.

rustic calendar invitation
© Elissa Mae

There are so many designs of the rustic wedding invitation. One of them is the design that looks like a calendar above. This one is really simple because it does not use too much ornament and color. It just shows the date on a calendar look-alike and the name of the brides on the front page.

wedding program invitation
© Tanya Rines

The next design is quite unique where it shows our wedding program/schedule start from the beginning until the end. This design is really helpful for the invited guests because the can know exactly the time and the events in our wedding ceremony. It would be a good wedding invitation card.

rustic invitation with envelope
© Love Of Creating Design Co.

The combination of white and brown color in this design looks gorgeous and simple. Both colors are neutral so they match each other perfectly. The use of lace as the decoration also beautifies it a lot and the envelope makes it looks quite formal. The guests would be very happy to receive such a beautiful invitation like that.

twine fabric invitation
© Tara Baldwin

As we said that there is no need for you to confuse in deciding a wedding invitation because it has a lot of designs. This one is quite different than the designs that we have shared above as it uses a twine fabric as the main material to create this invitation card. It beautifies with the existence of a grapevine that forms a love sign in the middle of it.

kraft paper invitation
© Gabriella Fiori

This design maybe looks too long but you can fold it into a small size so the invited guests do not need to worry where to keep it. It can be kept anywhere because of it can be folded. Also, the material that used to make this card comes from a recycled kraft so it is environmentally friendly.

rustic invitation with burlap
© gina fenn

In order to make your rustic wedding invitation looks great, you can add a lace and cover it with a burlap to give a little bit country look. The matching color of the card, the lace, and the burlap makes the design looks greater. Although it is so simple, it will give a nice impression to the invited guests.

rustic violet invitation
© Beth Bogenschutz

Besides, the neutral and the darker color, you can use the soft color like violet for your wedding invitation card. The example above already apply it and added with a white floral motif that makes it looks gorgeous. You will love this design so much although it is quite simple.

rustic wood invitation
© ebbie Galise

If a wedding invitation that uses paper as the main material does not suit your taste, you should try a wooden invitation like on the picture above. The design looks so modest where it does not use any decoration at all. It only contains the writings of our wedding like the date, the name of the brides, and the location of the wedding ceremony.

gold foil invitation
© Melanie Encarnacion

Using an invitation card with a white background and gold color for its writings also a good idea. This design will make it looks modern and simple as well. If you want an invitation card with a modern and elegant look, this one would be suitable enough for you.

We have shared all the rustic wedding invitation ideas that you could use as a reference. Hopefully, it will be really helpful for you in deciding an invitation with a simple design. Choose the suitable one and have a happy wedding!


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