Unique Wedding Invitations Design Ideas Complete with the Packaging Ideas


Wedding invitation card is one of the most important elements in holding a wedding ceremony. This card is used to give the information to the invited guests about the date, time, and place of our wedding ceremony. Nowadays, this card has various forms and designs that will make us hard to choose which one suits our wedding the most. And a usual wedding invitation card is no longer popular because there are so many unique designs out there. Here, we are about to share you some of the unique wedding invitations design and decor that you should consider to being a reference for your wedding invitation.

Design Ideas

Design is one of the most important things in choosing a wedding invitation to make sure that it suits the concept of our wedding party. And there are so many designs of unique wedding invitations out there. And here are some of the unique design that you can choose.

Newspaper Wedding Invitation

© Jessica Zanotti

There is nothing wrong to be different. That is why there is no need for us to be shy if we are using something that unusual for our wedding like this newspaper wedding invitation. Maybe it looks weird at the first time we see it. But, it will bring a unique impression to our wedding party. The design of this wedding invitation is quite simple without many trinkets on it and dominated by the black and white color. Just the same as the real newspaper that we often read in the morning.

Puzzle Wedding Invitation

© Elana Ron

For the one who loves to play a puzzle, this wedding invitation design could be your best choice. This one can be split into several parts since it is using the puzzle design and we need to unite the entire puzzle to be able to see what is written on the invitation. This puzzle wedding invitation is not only unique but also will sharpen the brain of the people who accepted the invitation.

Scroll Wedding Invitation

© MODwedding

The next one is the wedding invitation with a scroll design. As we know, a scroll often used in the fairytale story to give an information about something. One of the information is about a wedding ceremony. With this wedding invitation, we will feel like we are in the fairytale kingdom. The design is really elegant and glamour so it will suit the perfectionist people.

Gate Folded Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

© Caitlin McCarthy

The gate folded laser cut wedding invitation above can be the other option for people who like a simple but elegant invitation card design. This one is really perfect for our wedding ceremony. The fancy gate with a black color design which used as the cover of the invitation card will add a luxury impression to the wedding invitation display.

Balloon Wedding Invitation

© Dianna Biancavilla

Balloon often used as a decoration for a birthday party. But, in the hands of a creative designer like Dianna Biancavilla, a balloon can be used as wedding invitation card. Our name and wedding date will be printed on the balloon’s surface like in the example above. This one is not only unique but also will make the invited guest do a little workout before attending our wedding.

The Other Wedding Design Ideas

© Whitney Bradford
© Personalized Favours
© Evening Arwen
© Meg Williams
© Sheena Woolridge

Packaging Ideas

A good and unique packaging that applies for the wedding invitation card will obviously give a beautiful impression. Below here, we have some packaging ideas which will make our wedding invitation looks more interesting.


© Amanda

An envelope like the one on the picture above can be used as the packaging for our wedding invitation card. This one will give a little bit formal impression and its beautiful design will make the invitation card more elegant.


© Martha Stewart Weddings

The box which used as a packaging will give a luxury look to the wedding invitation. It will also give a neat impression and will make the invited guest more enthusiastic to attend our wedding ceremony.

Pocket Fold

© Hannah Colebrook

Using the pocket fold as the packaging is a really good idea. It looks a little bit similar with an envelope, but it is simpler and looks gorgeous than that. The design of a pocket fold also more unique and has more variations to choose.

The Other Packaging Ideas

© D’Vine Expressions
© Irene Sanchez Obregon
© Kirsten Kizerian


We have shared all the unique wedding invitation design ideas and packaging ideas. Hopefully, we can help all the people who need a reference for their wedding invitation design. So, thank you for reading and have a happy wedding to whom who will make it. And don’t forget to check out also our summer wedding invitation, romantic handmade wedding invitation, and elegant winter wedding invitation.


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