Spectacular Wedding Decoration: Types of Wedding Backdrops for Outdoor and Indoor


Having great and beautiful decorations for a wedding would be every people’s dream especially women as it will increase the feelings of happiness of the brides themselves. In order to realize it, we should be smart in choosing the right decoration. On this occasion, we would like to share some wedding backdrops designs that you may apply for your wedding ceremony.

Outdoor Backdrops

Wedding backdrops are just like a background which represents the brides. This decoration is really important since it is the place where we will record all the romantic moments of a wedding. And below here, are the backdrops designs that are suitable for the outdoor theme wedding ceremony.

Wooden Backdrops

A backdrop with a design like this is more suitable for an outdoor wedding theme such as garden theme, beach theme, and etc. The vintage look of this design will make our wedding more exciting.

© Laura Olphie

For the people who like a backdrop with a modern and minimalist design, the wooden triangle backdrops could be the best choice. The design really suits the style of modern people.

© Ashley Reese

The wooden cross backdrop design above could give a peace impression to our wedding ceremony. This one is really suitable for the religious people and it will remind us that only God who can unite us with our mate.

© Emmaline Bride

A vintage design like the wooden door backdrop above will make our garden wedding party more lively and will bring back the old memories. The design is relatively simple and beautiful since there is some decoration like flowers and an old birdcage that beautify this design.

© Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

A wooden pallet could be a good wedding backdrops if we can use it well. The design above shows how gorgeous a wooden pallet backdrop is, especially when we add some flower as its decoration.

© foliver

Do not throw away your old frames because it can be used as your wedding backdrops. Rather than spending a lot of money for it, we can make use the old stuff like this one to become a good wedding backdrop.

Unique Backdrops

If a usual wedding backdrop does not suit your style, you can choose a wedding backdrop with a unique design like the ones that we are going to share below. The designs are really cool and absolutely different.

© Amber Igo

The wedding backdrop on the picture above is really simple. Although it just using a big tree which decorates with a long cloth that flows the tree, it still brings a romantic feeling to our wedding event.

© Carmen Ellis Vecchio

A luxurious old fence also can be a good wedding backdrop. A black fence that covered with vines like the one above looks so elegant and classy.

© Oh Best Day Ever

What a creative backdrop design. Using a lot of books and flowers around it as the decoration is a really great idea. Surely, it will bring lots of joy.

© The Wedding Scoop

a giant wreath that covered by beautiful pink flowers is really outstanding and is so suitable for an outdoor wedding theme. This wedding backdrops will make our wedding looks like a fairy-tale wedding.

© Gabii Harris

A wedding backdrop that uses a white macrame and greenery like an example that we have given above is really beautiful. The design looks very simple actually but, it will bring a romantic feeling to our wedding.

Indoor Backdrops

A wedding backdrop is not only can be used for the outdoor theme wedding. It can also be used for the wedding with an indoor theme. Below here, we have some great wedding backdrops for you to apply.

Unique Backdrops

Indoor wedding theme does not always use a decoration that looks so usual. Even a wedding backdrop with a unique design also suitable for this theme if we know which one suits the most.

© Deer Pearl Flowers | Wedding Blog

We do not have to confuse in choosing or applying a wedding backdrop for an indoor theme. Using lots of lights and candlelight also can be a good idea. Moreover, it will bring the romantic feeling as well as a little bit vintage impression.

© Tiffany Richardson

If we want a simple wedding backdrop with a unique design, floral lattice backdrop could be our best choice. The simple design of this decoration is enhanced with the existence of floral and greenery decoration.

© Kate Ulrich

Using a giant frame is unusual for a wedding backdrop. This decoration is rarely used by people for their wedding. That is why this one is so unique.

© Taylor Larson Group LLC

What a great and unique idea of using a large letter as a wedding backdrop. This design is really suitable for the person who has a romantic soul.

© Deer Pearl Flowers | Wedding Blog

Colorful ribbons and the other decorations which mixed together could be an amazing backdrop if we could manage it well. This design will bring a cheerful impression to our wedding.

Elegant Backdrops

Wedding backdrop for indoor theme also has an elegant design that you could see from the example below. These designs are so beautiful to be applied for our wedding and of course, our invited guests will be amazed when they see it.

© Hi Miss Puff

A large cloth that covered the lights behind it and added with some greenery as its decoration also suitable as our indoor backdrop. The design is really simple but looks so glamour.

© Tiffany

The design above is known as pipe and drape backdrop where a large curtain is used as the main decoration of this design. This one is really suitable for a formal wedding ceremony since its design looks so formal and elegant.

© Michelle Smith

Using a large white cloth with a beautiful lightning behind it and added with tree branches in front of it already created an elegant backdrop. Just that simple but elegant.

© MODwedding

There is no doubt that this one looks so beautiful. Just take a look at the use of candle lights that put on the backdrop and the existence of the flowers on both sides of the backdrop. It is so smart to use both of it in order to create this design.

© The Knot

The design above is so elegant because of its soft colors and simple decorations. If we have a wedding ceremony with a vintage theme, this one could be the best option as it uses a vintage door for the design.

Final Words

Those are the wedding backdrops that we could share with all of you. And that ends our article about spectacular wedding decoration for today. We really hope that it could help you in deciding the most suitable backdrop for your wedding event. As we know, wedding decoration is really important. That is why we need to choose it wisely and good luck for you!


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