Variety of Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas with Beautiful Lights

vintage wedding decor with beautiful lights
© mod wedding – Vintage style for a wedding become popular in this time. Most bridal wants their special moment looks different and awesome. Beautiful lights used for the decoration around the wedding place become the unique and attractive decor in. Whether outdoor or indoor, vintage wedding decoration ideas like this are suitable for you to choose. Let’s picking the suitable one to apply for your wedding reception here! There is a variety of vintage wedding theme decor with a beautiful design around it.

Barn Vintage Wedding Decor with Beautiful Lights

barn vintage wedding decor
© mod wedding

Barn vintage wedding decor with a funnel lights-shape. With a bit greenery decoration on the chair, it will capture an attractive look to your guest.

vintage wedding decor ideas
© mod wedding

Vintage wedding theme decor ideas in indoor bring out a classical impression to your moment. Simple and sparkling lights are suitable to perfecting your design.

beautiful lights for vintage wedding
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Beautiful bulb lights with a variety of lantern-shape make your wedding place looks so stylistic but still appearing a vintage style.

charming vintage wedding decor
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Simple table set for guest should be arranged with a simple white decoration. Add a bit florist decor to beautify this wedding place. This vintage wedding decoration ideas are suitable and perfect for applying in your wedding reception. It carries off a romantic nuance surrounding the place.

Outdoor Vintage Wedding Inspiration with Small Bulbs and Sparkling Lights

simple vintage wedding with sparkling lights
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For an outdoor wedding, a vintage wedding with small bulb lights like the following picture above is suitable for you to apply. Black tablecloth combined with sparkle gold on it makes a table set wedding arrangement perfectly.

beautiful simple beautiful lighting
© mod wedding

Sparkling lights which hang on for the outdoor vintage wedding decoration ideas will beautify your wedding place.

beautiful vintage wedding decor
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Black and white table set for your guest also fits to support your vintage style for your wedding party. An outdoor concept makes your wedding present a relax impression so your guests very close to a nature.

outdoor vintage wedding decor
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White vintage wedding in outdoor concept increases a beautifulness to your wedding look. Take a peek your favorite vintage wedding concept ideas above for your reception!


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