Vintage Wedding Themes Decor With Beautiful Lantern and Lighting Looks So Charming

vintage wedding themes
© hanging lanterns – If you want to apply a vintage and charming wedding, here the designer offers you vintage wedding themes decor. Here we have some references which offer you variety of perfect decoration for your wedding reception. You may choose a suitable concept theme design that makes outstanding and charming. If you are confused while choosing the best outdoor or indoor wedding designs ideas for your wedding, you may check and see here. There are varieties of vintage wedding design ideas which use beautiful lantern and lighting to decorated around the place. This makes your sacred moment looks perfect and romantic. Do you want to see how the design look likes? Let’s take a look them below!

Charming Vintage Wedding Decor With a Pastel Color Lantern

The designer has been arranged the vintage wedding design ideas here with a variety of perfect lantern design. You may choose a pastel, pink and gold color to apply on the lantern. You may make it looks different with the gorgeous design that looks stunning and perfect. The elegant effect here is shown a glowing that produces from the lighting and lantern around it. This charming vintage wedding decor is possible to choose for a couple who like something glamor and chic. A beautiful lighting and lantern here will make your wedding decoration more awesome. A marquee design also may you choose to support this concept of your wedding theme.

Marquee wedding lanterns
© hanging lanterns
© hanging lanterns
White and gold marquee wedding lanterns
© hanging lanterns

White Vintage Wedding Ideas Showing a Romantic View

Move to the next vintage wedding themes decor here, if you want to make your wedding concept design apply with a modern and vintage decor, you may follow this idea as the main decor. The best white vintage wedding ideas below has been arranged with a beautiful concept which showing a romantic view in it. To make it more perfect, choose a neutral color such a white color for the main color around it. To support your vintage wedding decor, you may apply lanterns with a colorful design to perfecting this concept. For the dining table, you may apply a white beautiful arrangement. Choose beautiful flowers to adjust around your indoor wedding concept design.

Romantic-lace-lanterns hanging lanterns
© hanging lanterns
© hanging lanterns
© hanging lanterns

Classic Wedding Theme With Perfect Lantern and Lighting

The wedding planner offers you another vintage wedding design ideas that look so charming with a beautiful wedding concept. If you like an indoor theme, this wedding theme decor is suitable to choose as the perfect concept of your wedding concept design. To support it, apply with a soft pink and white theme will make your wedding looks perfect. This brilliant idea very suitable to choose for your wedding decor. A perfect lantern and lighting around this classic wedding theme here were suitable to choose as the main decor. A white concept may you set as the place decoration around it. To make it more perfect, a modern lighting here may support your classic wedding concept. This place with a wooden design like this will make the concept are matching.

© hanging lanterns
classic wedding theme
© hanging lanterns
© hanging lanterns

So, do you like the vintage wedding themes decor above? Which design that you prefer to apply for your wedding concept? Make your wedding looks charming by applying a colorful and beautiful lantern like the design here. Happy wedding guys 🙂


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