7 Romantic Wedding Design Which Can Apply For Your Wedding Party!


A wedding already becomes a sacred moment when two people meet each other to convey their love. To support it, we need to make the romantic wedding design in order to make good memories of the wedding. This is only once in a lifetime, we are sure all people want to make their wedding look awesome and romantic. If that is the case, we already prepared 7 romantic wedding design which can apply right away.

wedding forest design
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The outdoor wedding design which takes advantages of a forest. The ceiling light hanging on the top is really outstanding. It is perfectly fit the romantic category. When the couple enters the wedding room, the light will make them shine brightly. It is a great concept to show the romantic feelings for the couple. Besides that, the bouquet on the top of the table is the one which makes it even prettier.

forest wedding design
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The next one is still about outdoor wedding design. To support the romantic design, a forest is a good idea. The ceiling candle which attaches on the tree is really beautiful to see especially at night. A decoration on the table and chair will make the design more beautiful. We are sure every people who see it will melt immediately. Even though this one is quite simple, it is enough to show the romantic feel through the design.

wedding design concept
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This one is kinda gorgeous. We can see the field of flower on the road. When the couple walks through it, we can imagine how romantic it can be. The light which shines the flower on a pole makes it more perfect. The designer makes a good choice to choose the white color as the main one. Because of white color identic with a romantic event. Last but not least, the beautiful ceiling light which similar to a candle attach on the top will make the wedding party more romantic than ever.

romantic wedding design castle
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The next design we will take you to a castle wedding. A long ago, all the richest people celebrate their wedding party in the castle. As the result, its become a spectacular wedding ever. A huge flower on each table is really beautiful. What makes it more awesome the big curtains really match the castle nuance to show the romantic event. There is also an orchestra who will make the event more complete.

forest romantic wedding design
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A forest always becomes a great idea to make the wedding design more romantic than ever. The first one which makes it beautiful is the bulb attaches to the tree. This is a great view to see at night. The second one is the table placement and chair. It is placed neatly along with a candle and flower on each table. It will make everyone who comes will understand the romantic feel.

romantic wedding design
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The outstanding romantic design. The best one is the light which shines brightly in all place. We are sure some people think the design above does not show the romantic feel because it is quite dark. Besides that, it should have a big white flower attach on the wall. We think this place is kinda romantic thanks to the light. Imagine when the couple enters the room, we are sure it is very beautiful to see. The orchestra also plays the romantic instrumental to support it.

indoor romantic wedding design
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As for the last design, we choose a simple design yet romantic. A combination of pink and white colors is really perfect to show all people the romantic feel. The soft pink flower which attaches to the top is really gorgeous. When we look at it, we already know how romantic this one. The three ceiling light which looks a candle is put in the perfect place. The table and chair are put nicely to support the design.

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Final Words

Choose the best design for the wedding is not that easy. Especially the romantic design. There are some aspects which we need to think how to make it romantic. But, the design above will inspire all of us how to create the romantic one. Create the best romantic wedding design because its only happen once in a lifetime. Do not forget to visit Roowedding to check out another stuff about a wedding.


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