Simple and Unique Winter Wedding Invitation Designs | Suitable for Your Winter Wedding Theme


Holding a wedding ceremony in the winter season sometimes will make us confuse to decide a wedding invitation that is suitable for the winter theme. Actually, it is not as confusing as you think because there are so many good designs that will fit perfectly with the winter wedding theme of yours. Here, we have some winter wedding invitation designs that you may like and we have differentiated into two kinds the simple one and unique one.

Simple Designs

Many people love a wedding invitation with a simpler design more rather than the one which has an unusual one. Although the design will look simple, it will become something that will be unforgettable if we are smart in choosing the design. Below, we have some winter wedding invitations with a simple design.

brown invitation with pine tree motif
© Bath & Body Works

This first design of the simple winter wedding invitation. It uses a brown color as its main background color and combined with a pine tree that is covered with the snowflakes as its motif. Overall, it looks so simple and become cuter with a small rope which has the same color as the decoration.

snowflakes laser cut invitation
© Phedre Von Kallenbach

For a simple wedding invitation with a gorgeous look, this snowflakes laser cut could be a really suitable choice for your winter wedding theme. The card design is relatively simple with a white background and silver snowflakes motif. But, it becomes more beautiful with the use of laser cut that has a snowflakes form as the cover of the wedding invitation card.

mountain and pine tree invitation
© Cassandra Carabott

Next, we have a wedding invitation card which uses the watercolor to make its motif. The mountain and pine tree that we can see on the invitation cover is made by using the watercolor so we can actually make it our own if we are creative enough. This one is really good to be chosen as our wedding invitation card as it looks simple but still charming.

royal blue winter invitation
© Lemon Leaf Prints Inc.

If you love to see the scenery of an ice mountain with trees around it, you could pick this one to be your invitation card. The design is very simple, but the designer of this card knows exactly how to make a really good invitation card. Look at the color choice where royal blue and turquoise are chosen as the main color of this design. Overall, both colors and the design blends very well.

wooden background and snowflakes motif
© Jackie Desimone

The last design uses a brown color which formed wooden planks as the background and covered by some snowflakes on the top of the invitation card. Moreover, it decorates with a white ribbon and lace motif on the bottom side which makes it more eye-catching. Surely, it would be a very nice winter wedding invitation card.

Unique Designs

If a simple one is not fit our taste, we can apply this unique winter wedding invitation designs that we are going to share with you. They are really unique and will be suitable to use for your wedding ceremony which has a winter theme. And here, we have some references that we could use in order to choose the best one.

acrylic winter invitation
© Rosa Nelly Alvarez

The first design is a winter wedding invitation which made from an acrylic material. The design is really unique and unusual to use for a wedding. As we know that wedding invitation mostly made from a paperboard or Concord. That is why this one can be so unique especially with the existence of beads as the decoration and the big snowflakes at the center of the invitation that makes the winter impression is increasingly felt.

christmas ornament winter invitation
© Karla Danford

Winter season is identical to the Christmas day. As we know, Christmas is identical to the Christmas tree which has a lot of ornaments on it. And who would have thought that the ball ornament on the Christmas tree can be used as a unique and beautiful wedding invitation? The design becomes more beautiful as it decorated with a cute bell and writings that surrounds the ball.

wooden snowflakes winter invitation
© Dorian Jensen

If you do not like the first two designs because you think that they are not too unique, you can try to make a wedding invitation like this wooden snowflakes invitation. The design is really suitable for a wedding ceremony that is held during the winter season. One more thing that makes this one so unique is that we can use it as a decoration in our house.

metal snowflakes winter invitation
© Invite Design :: Wedding Invitations

Next, we have a metal made wedding invitation which has a snowflakes form in two circles. This one is really made of metal and as we can see together, the invitation can be spun like an ornament that can be hung on the doorstep. Surely, this invitation will not break easily as it is made of a hard material.

2 in 1 winter invitation
© Autumn Henry

Another wedding invitation that is made of metal as the main material. This time, the wedding invitation can be folded and becomes a candleholder. An invitation like this is really useful and can be a good memento for the guests who receive it. Maybe we have to spend more money an invitation card like this, but it is worth it.


Now, you do not have to confuse anymore in choosing the design of the invitation card which suitable for a winter wedding theme. Let us choose between the simple one or the unique one. If you need our suggestion, we can say that both are really good so it all depends on your taste. So, let us make up your mind.


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