Simple Wedding Decorations for Outdoor Theme Wedding Ceremony


Holding a wedding ceremony is not complete without beautiful wedding decorations. The decorations are one of the most important supporting elements of a wedding which can make it become more interesting. That is why choosing good decorations is needed and here we have some simple wedding decorations that are suitable if you hold a wedding ceremony with an outdoor theme concept.

Wedding Centerpiece

When we are holding a wedding ceremony, there must be tables and seats for all of the invited guests. Of course, we need to decorate it as well to make the guests enjoy the event even more. And the wedding centerpiece is very suitable for that. There are a lot of table decorations that we can choose starting from candlelight, lantern, flower, and etc.

lantern centerpiece
© Octavio Dinis

The first picture above shows you the lantern centerpiece which will make your wedding ceremony become more romantic. The design is quite simple where the lantern covers the candlelight inside it and surrounded by a floral and greenery decor to make the design looks chic.

floral centerpiece
© WeddingInclude

You can also use a floral centerpiece if you do not like the lantern. Placing a flower on a wedding reception table decoration does not only look simple but also will make your wedding looks beautiful. Moreover, if you put some candlelights like that, all people who are attending the wedding will feel the romantic feeling as well.

wedding centerpiece
© Alyssa Henderson

Here is the example of the result of using wedding centerpiece for a wedding reception with an outdoor or garden theme. It looks more gorgeous, is not it?

Wedding Aisle

The aisle where we will walk through also needs to be decorated in order to beautify the aisle display as well as to increase the romantic feeling in our happiest moment. A lot of wedding aisle designs are available so we do not need to confuse or even worry about this one. Here are some aisle designs that we can share.

wedding aisle flowers
© catherine nadia

The first one is the floral aisle. As we know that flower can be used for many purposes and become an aisle decor is one of its purposes. This floral aisle will increase the romantic atmosphere when we walk through the aisle as it looks so beautiful.

wedding aisle ribbon
© michele allison

Another aisle decoration that you can choose is the ribbon. Even you can create your own ribbon aisle yourself. This aisle decor could be an alternative to suppress spending. Choosing the ribbon to become an aisle decor is a good idea if we do not have too much money.

wedding aisle petals
© Deer Pearl Flowers

We do not know exactly what it is but, it looks so good for us. The heart-shaped aisle decor like this can also be made ourselves by using sticks and your creativity in making the hearts. It is cheap but still looks wonderful.

rustic wedding aisle
© Amy Condon

If you want a simple aisle decor which contains a deep meaning, this one could be a perfect choice for you. The boards which contain words of wisdom will not only decorate your wedding aisle but also tell people what the true love is.

Wedding Backdrops

The last and one of the most important decorations is the wedding backdrop. As we know that this decoration is really important as it is used as the background for taking photos either of the groom and bride or friends and family. We do not need to confuse in choosing the design of this decoration as it has a lot of variation of designs that we can choose.

wooden post backdrop
© Us Angels

For an outdoor wedding theme, the wooden post which decorated with a beautiful flower like this is really suitable to become a wedding backdrop for your wedding. The design already looks simple and it becomes gorgeous with the existence of beautiful and colorful flowers on it.

giant wreath backdrop
© Christine Leo

Not many people know that a wreath can also be used as the wedding backdrop as it often uses as the decoration for a Christmas tree or to decorate a gift wrapping. Actually, it can but of course in a larger size like the example above. This will be a good choice as its design does not only simple but also unique.

wedding backdrop
Molly Cusack

Do you know the term DIY which is the abbreviation of Do It Yourself? That term is suitable for the last backdrop design above because it can be made yourself if you are quite creative. You just need decorative lights like that in order to make this backdrop. And then, hang it on a large tree and it will look so beautiful especially when the night comes.

The Other Wedding Decorations that You May Like

Below here, we give you the other simple decorations that would be suitable for an outdoor wedding theme. Check out!

pallet wedding sign
© Confeti

Wedding welcome sign which made from a pallet.

cocktail tables
© Finna Wijaya

Cocktail tables which decorated with burlap and floral lace.

wedding chairback
© Laurie V

Wedding chairback decorates the chairs in your wedding ceremony.

wedding overhead
© Rudie Moustapha

Wedding overhead gives a better display of an outdoor wedding concept.

wedding table runners
© Indy Facets

The last is the table runners which made of greenery and flowers which makes the dinner table looks gorgeous.


That is all the simple wedding decorations for an outdoor theme that you can apply for your wedding party. If you still want to see more wedding decorations with a different theme such as vintage or modern, you just need to click those links. Thank you for reading and we are signing off.


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