10 Wonderful Wedding Altar Ideas for Your Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


Wedding altar is a really important element in a wedding ceremony. This decoration will be the other witness besides of our family, relatives, and friends when we pronounce the sacred promise to be faithful until the end of life. Also, it will draw the invited guests attention to watch that sacred moment. That is why this decoration is so important. And now, we are going to show you some of the wedding altar ideas that you can take as an inspiration for your wedding. Here, we give you both for the indoor and outdoor wedding altar designs.

Indoor Wedding Altar

If you are going to celebrate your wedding in an indoor place, you do not need to worry or even confuse in choosing the design as there are so many indoor wedding altar designs that you can choose. Below here, we already prepare some that may be suitable for you.

bulb lightning curtain wedding altar
© thewedding.id

Looking for a wedding altar? This light bulb curtain wedding altar could be a very good idea. The design is really simple but, it will give a really strong romantic feeling for you and your mate and all people in the wedding ceremony as well. Besides, it looks so elegant and makes our wedding more luxurious at once.

vines curtain wedding altar
© Fitri Nuraidha

If you do not like the light bulb curtain design, you can also use the greenery curtain to become your wedding altar design. This one looks more modest than the light bulb and it will give beauty to your wedding. The white curtain which becomes the background reinforces the existence of the greenery curtain.

chiffon and chandelier wedding altar
© Diamond Diva

For a more common one, you can use this chiffon and chandelier wedding altar. Maybe it is quite common as many people use it for their wedding. But, the design is really good and looks so beautiful where the chiffon decorated with flowers on both sides and completed with chandeliers which make the atmosphere become more romantic.

garden inspired wedding altar
© Karina Leviani

If you would love to have a garden wedding theme wedding in an indoor place, you can use this garden inspired wedding altar. The greenery is designed in such a way to create the impression of a garden wedding ceremony. With some chandeliers around it makes this altar design looks beautiful.

floral bookcase wedding altar
© amalia insani

Next, for a unique design, you can use a floral bookshelf wedding altar like in the picture above for your wedding party. The design is really unique and unusual as people rarely have a brilliant idea like this. If you use this one for your wedding altar decoration, your aura of intelligence will radiate.

Outdoor Wedding Altar

Wedding altar is not only needed for an indoor wedding ceremony but also in an outdoor one. You also do not need to be confused if you are about to hold an outdoor wedding ceremony as there are so many cool and good wedding altar that you can choose.

gorgeous outdoor wedding altar
© Floristeria Natureza

For the people who would like to hold a wedding ceremony in a garden, we can suggest you use this beautiful design which makes use a cage look alike arch that is decorated with the beautiful floral and chandelier. It would be a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding which held in a garden or a hill.

rustic outdoor wedding altar
© Amanda Ardiana

The next design is by using a rustic door which decorated with the greenery and flowers. It is very suitable to be your wedding altar especially if you hold your wedding ceremony in a farm area like this. Surely, your wedding will be an unforgettable moment in your life if you use this wedding altar design.

luxurious outdoor wedding altar
© Weddings

If you like a more luxurious design of the wedding altar, this one will be a perfect choice. Look at the design where it uses lots of beautiful and luxurious decorations for the altar. The chiffon, the flower, and the chandeliers are looks so luxurious which make your ceremony become more majestic.

beautiful outdoor wedding altar
© anna riker

If you like a simpler and low budget wedding altar, you can follow this design. Using a chiffon which hangs on the tree and decorated with the lantern which filled with gorgeous flowers and a crystal chandelier, all combined together to create such a wonderful altar.

modern outdoor wedding altar
© Yulinda Iswardani

The last but not least is the modern design wedding altar. The design is really magnificent which like a big stage for a concert. It would be great to have an altar like this in our first and last wedding in our life.

Final Words

No matter where you will hold your wedding party both indoor or outdoor, a wedding altar is really important. That is why we should choose a good wedding altar for the very best moment in our life. Now, make your choice and choose the most suitable design from the references that we have shared above.


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