9 Eco-Friendly Invitation Designs for Sustainable Wedding Concept


Rowedding.com – If you really love and care the nature, show it in your wedding plan. “Save a tree” is not just a slogan, now let’s make it real with your action. For this, you can start with your wedding stationery. You can prefer eco-friendly wedding invitation designs that use fewer papers and use more organic components. There are many ways to fetch this idea, from traditional handmade and recycled papers to modern invitations using electronic templates.

Eco-friendly and sustainable wedding themes can assist you in increasing not only your own but also the environmental consciousness of your guests. Let people know you want to show your love not just to someone but to this planet’s sustainability. Planning eco-friendly wedding invites is fun even though it’s a bit challenging. However, with advances in technology and communication, you’ll be easy to find out some inspiration through the internet.

When it comes to saving the date and invitation card, I believe you’ll something that is eco-friendly yet beautifully to announce your special moments. Fortunately, at this time you’ll easily find natural, organic, and plantable wedding stationery that can help to care environment. We also offer sophisticated and modern designs that would help to plan your eco-friendly wedding invite ideas aesthetically. So what’s your waiting for? We’ve compiled 9 eco-friendly wedding invitation designs. Let’s find your inspiration down here!!

9 Inspired Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Designs

Botanical Invitation Design

These invitation cards with beautiful botanical designs would look great for a greenery wedding theme. The elegant script with greenery watercolor illustrations framed your eco-friendly wedding invitations. Then printed on recycled paper or use one card design. To create it dramatically beautiful, you can adorn it with a simple sealed wax on the envelope. If you want something that is botanical in your wedding card idea, I think white and greenery wedding invitations would suit your wedding

Reusable Burlap Envelope Card

Any idea to create eco-friendly wedding invitation designs is by using natural elements such as these reusable burlap envelopes. In this way, you’re not only producing an environmental kindly invitation card but also giving you a rustic accent. To get an Etsy and aesthetic announcement card, you can use burlap to wrap wedding stationery and tie a burlap rope or ribbon to make it more countrified. If you want a rustic vintage look in your wedding invite, roll up the card with jute and tied it up with jute rope.

Dried Flowers Accent in Invitation Card

When you think about eco-friendly wedding invitation designs, why don’t you try using dried flowers for accent? Using this kind of flower you’ll get both rustic and bohemian concepts at once. For inspiration, you can decorate your wedding card using dried baby’s breath flowers, lavender, or pampas grass to knot on with jute rope over the envelope. If you’ll give a bit of vintage style, use a tiny dried flower wax stamp to seal the envelope.

Electronic Invitations

Do you intend to create a paperless invitation? As technology and the digital world advance, most brides are switching to electronic wedding invitations. This type of invitation can save you money while also being environmentally friendly. Aside from that, you can freely design your wedding stationery to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You can also use videos graphic to set your wedding announcement not only beautiful but also sophisticated and modern. Using these eco-friendly wedding invitation designs, you will have less wedding waste, especially paper.

Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

Announce and celebrate your big day with these nature-inspired using beautiful handmade paper designs. The most unique wedding invitation in creative design uses some colorful blooms for a stunning save-the-date card. Aside from that, because of using recycled paper to become a set wedding stationer, those are great eco-friendly wedding invitation option. Not only look aesthetic but also can help to save nature. Brides save trees if they prefer on sending e-mail invitations rather than traditional invitations.

Green Envelope Invitation Design

You can use this green envelope idea if you want to focus on natural eco-friendly wedding invitation design because of its affordability and sustainability. This wedding stationery encourages brides to get beautiful announcement cards while maintaining their love of nature. You may use vintage design with reusable paper and materials. And we love green to bring out the theme of greenery and nature.

Recycled Paper for Wedding Card

Most eco-friendly wedding invitation designs usually wear recycled and sustainable materials. For instance, recycled papers. As we know we can produce wedding stationery from reused papers. Print your wedding card with natural watercolor or illustration design to have a more rustic accent that is eye-catching and stunning. Besides that, you can also design your wedding invites with a personal touch that brings more perfect to your special moment.

One Paper Wedding Announcement

Being environmentally friendly is always thinking about nature and using fewer things that can harm the environment. And less your waste is one of the ways. Maybe begin with your wedding invitation design. You can create an eco-friendly invitation card using one paper design for less paper you use. This is how you save nature and trees not be cut down. To make it more interesting, you can get the unique form, and adorn it with ribbon, dried flowers, or a jute envelope.

Plantable Paper Seed Wedding Invitations

Consider printing eco-friendly wedding invitation designs on seed paper. So that when your guests receive the invitation they can simply plant it in the garden. This biodegradable seed paper, would help to less waste and help to keep the environment sustainable. You can be containing either Daisy or Rudbeckia flower seeds in recycled paper and then printing save the date over it. Well, when people plant it they will get beautiful flowers in their home garden.

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

  • Consider handmade invitations from recycled papers. This is how you work with eco-friendly wedding invite design. You can use recycled paper instead of virgin paper to reduce waste.
  • Insert of the wedding card should be consolidated. As we know wedding invites usually contain a lot of information. Instead of having multiple cards, better to combine essential info in one card. Or for the option, if you want to give extra information such as directions, you can add a barcode scan.
  • Minimize the mailings and skip the extra. Better to minimalize paper use by eliminating unnecessary pages in your eco-friendly wedding invitation design.
  • Opt for a paperless design by using an electronic invitation. I think this is the best idea that you can try on if you want to use an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding theme on your big day. Or you can direct guests to your wedding website or registry for more information.
  • As another option, use organic printing. Most printers usually still use the traditional print method. However, today maybe some people make changes and innovations by using organic-based inks in their printers. So, just make sure to investigate any custom projects that offer eco-friendly design.


We hope you’ll love our favorite eco-friendly wedding invitation designs above. Show care for the planet by using sustainable things in your wedding concept and less waste. For inspiration, you can opt to use organic inks, greenery, and palatable papers, or use an electronic wedding card that you send through emails. Just try something out of the box that can amaze your guests.


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