Most of the grooms nowadays do not want a rented tuxedo or suit for their wedding because they do not want to wear a suit worn by dozens of other men. A growing trend in the industry states the wedding is a perfect opportunity for a groom to invest in suiting. They want to wear their wedding suits even after their big days like to a date night or office dinner.

So, let’s figure out what exactly you need while buying a suit and we will walk you through to get THE suit that not only looks great but matches your personality. It needs to show an accurate representation of your attitude and style. Your suit is here to make you look good and you need every eye on you and your better half. A wedding is a big day and you deserve to look good, especially on that day. Here we will discuss 5 things to consider before buying your wedding suit.

1. Occasion

This is a no brainer factor as the first question that comes in mind while buying a suit: what is the occasion? Fortunately, you already know the answer to it. However, it does not hurt to give some extra focus on the time of day you have your wedding. For instance, dark tones look suitable for night time while lighter looks great during mid-day. It all depends on the time you have scheduled the event. In case you are having a destination wedding planned, cream or ivory tuxedo/suit will reflect the warmer weather. As a general rule of thumb, determine the exact time of the day which will make your selection a lot easier. Another point that can be kept in consideration is whether there is a theme that needs to be followed on your event which might require other factors as well.

2. The mood of the event

Now that you have sorted out the time, the next thing to consider is the level of formality you need to keep. A formal wedding may usually be a black-tie event, but what if your wedding is more casual. Let us take some examples through which you can set your tone of formality level.

  • Casual: Assume you have your wedding planner at a beach house. You need to consider linen/wool blend or cotton to compensate for the weather. A warm-weather needs a comfortable suit also known as lounge suits. The fabric has to give you breathing space and your shoes will also be casual. Since you will stand in the sand, so it is ideal to keep it smooth and light with a lighter color palette.
  • Semi-Formal: If you have your event someplace between casual and formal themes. You are not going to wear a tuxedo but instead a three-piece morning suit with texture and character.
  • Formal: The most known theme where grooms usually opt for a tuxedo with a bow tie. The other option can include tail suits as well.

3. Fitting & Customization

A wedding suit is still a suit that means fitting is essential because the fitting is a factor everybody notices. Even f you do not decide to buy a custom-tailored suit, make sure the alterations are on point and according to your physique. The perfect fit of the suit is the easiest way to look great on your wedding day and show your charisma. The ill-fitted suit will look very unflattering and can deemphasize your physique.

Along with fitting, we also encourage you to go the extra mile and add a few unique customizations to your outfit. You can add a monogram inside your jacket with your wedding date. You can select several customizations to give your suit a nod of the overall wedding theme. Be very careful in not overdoing it as it will do more harm than good for you.

4. Accessorizing

The few accessory options include; tie, waistcoat, cufflinks, lapel pin, cummerbund, pocket square, and tie pin also. Although all these can add value to your outfit for your big day the choice is yours and what suits your wallet as well. In our recommendation, these should be a necessary part of your design when it comes to a special occasion like this. A tip here is to choose a nice pair of footwear and a matching leather belt. You can complete a significant portion of your outfit after taking this advice alone. The addition of these two accessories alone finishes off with a perfect look. Also, pick a nice pair of socks that resonate with the color and style while going through all this effort. You need to look perfect for your big day that complements what you are wearing. There is no better feeling than wearing a pair of quality socks along with perfect footwear while walking and dancing through the event for which you will thank yourself later.

5. How Much to Spend

While seeking a wedding suit that looks great on you, be sure to keep it in your budget. The reason behind this point is that you need money for other event activities also. Everybody has a different expense when it comes to buying a suit and you should also consider yours. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of options now to choose from and different brands offer suits for relatively reasonable prices. You have the availability of many different styles, colors, fabrics and fits that you can opt for. Our recommendation is not to settle on a single suit, instead search around for other ones too. In this way, you will have an idea regarding how much budget you need to allocate and which styles are appropriate.


A wedding is an event that holds a very special place for the couple. On this day you are the limelight of the event so you have to be up to the mark, as you’ll be celebrating your love and life on the joyous occasion. Do ask your other half’s opinion as well while searching for the suit as you both would be completing and complementing each other on the biggest day of your life. May you look finest on your day and have a great wedding!


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