Organizing a wedding can be very nerve-wracking and stressful for the couple as you would want it to as perfect as it could be straight out of your fairytale stories. However, translating your ideas into execution can be a frustrating process yet an experience on its own. So to help you enjoy even the planning process, today, we will unveil some great tips to smoothly organize a perfect wedding. Moreover, before you even get to anything just do not forget to consult a wedding registry as it is an important part of any wedding to make it lawfully acceptable. Otherwise, there would not be any point in the whole wedding event. Make sure you have all the paperwork in order, or you have hired a professional to take care of these important matters.

1. List Of Guests

This point is rather complicated for some couples, as the wedding ideas sometimes do not coincide. For example, the bride wants a magnificent celebration with many guests, and the groom wants a modest ceremony and travel. It is necessary to find a compromise and decide on the format of the celebration. Discuss with your other half the list of guests and calculate their approximate number, this is important in the future.

2. Wedding Assistants

The larger the holiday is planned, the more it will have to be prepared. In the process, thousands of organizational questions arise so as not to get confused in them finally you need to have assistants for yourself.

Firstly, now there are a lot of applications – organizers for brides, be sure to install one for yourself, this will save your time and help optimize training.

Secondly, find yourself an assistant – it can be a wedding organizer, best friend or your mother. Alone, it is hard to do everything and time is not always enough.

Should I hire an organizer? Of course, it depends on your budget, but if the celebration is large-scale, it is better to still use the help of a specialist. So that on a wedding day you can just relax and not deal with organizational issues. If the chamber wedding, you can completely do it with the help of friends or mother. The main thing is that your assistant is responsible, and preparation for him is not a burden.

3. Wedding Style

We talked about the format – magnificent or chamber, but there is also such a thing as a wedding style – classical, bohemian, loft, vintage, rustic – you need to think over the concept in advance, it depends on the choice of venue, wedding dresses, and decor. Use wedding blogs and interest for inspiration.

4. Venue Selection

Do you know which wedding organization item is the most expensive? You thought correctly – a wedding banquet. Therefore, the choice of a venue is one of the very first stages of preparation.

We have already prepared an approximate list of guests, which means we understand the approximate size of the banquet hall.

From the list, we also know the approximate age of the guests, which means we understand what format the banquet is closer to an informal buffet in the loft or tent with music and entertainment or a classic wedding banquet with a leading and clear evening program. Also, choosing a banquet hall, do not forget about the theme of the wedding.

5. Choosing A Wedding Host

They say the host is 70% of the success of the wedding evening. It is hard to disagree here, because a good specialist can make the evening incredibly atmospheric and sincere, and a bad one can spoil the mood for both you and the guests. Be sure to look at the portfolio, meet in person and discuss the program, it should be 100% your person. If you are not able to hire someone to ask for one of your friends or close relatives to do the task as it could be more personal for you.

6. Photography

This is also a separate topic for discussion and it is closest to me. Today I will tell you about the most important thing – portfolio and comfortable communication. The portfolio is the most important item. Looking at the photographer’s work, you should want such shots for yourself: color, style of shooting, style – you should like everything. In the portfolio, the author shows his best works, so if something does not suit you, you should not hope that the staff will be better. It all depends on your personal taste and aesthetic as one might be perfect for your friend but not likable for you.

7. Wedding Dresses

Now it is time to choose a wedding dress. At this point, it is important to take into account the style of the celebration, which we identified at the beginning and of course the harmonious combination of dresses of the bride and groom. Do you agree that the groom in tailcoat and the bride in a light boho dress will not look together?

8. Wedding Stylist

Yes, you need to choose a stylist and do rehearsal only after choosing a dress. Due to the harmony of the outfit; hairstyle and make-up should be suitable for the wedding dress. A competent stylist will always advise you on your looks, starting from the dress, wedding style and appearance.

9. Wedding Decorator

No wonder we at the very beginning determined the style of the evening and chose a venue, now it will be easy for us to pick up the decor. When choosing a decorator, be guided by a portfolio, it is advisable to look at works in the same style as you will have. It is easier to understand if the vision of a specialist matches yours.

10. Jewelry

They need to be selected in the general concept. If you have a wedding ring in white gold or platinum, then the remaining jewelry is best to choose in a steel-colored frame. If the ring is made of yellow gold or rose gold, then the jewelry should match. It is better to choose long earrings for dresses with an open top. Small or large clips are attached to the collar. For the convenience of wearing veils, you can purchase a festive comb and sew a veil to it. It is better not to wear rings at all – emphasize the beauty and exclusivity of the engagement ring.

11. Wedding Shoes

Shoes, of course, need to be selected after buying a dress. Remember that you have to spend at least 12 hours in these shoes and not just spend, but run and walk on lawns, paved pavements, dance, etc. Therefore, either sacrifice beauty in favor of convenience or immediately prepare replacement shoes for long transitions or in case of fatigue. Replaceable shoes should also be festive. Just some shoes can be in heels, and the second pair can be in the format of “ballet shoes”. Fortunately, now there is a large selection of ballet shoes of any color and with any decor. Replaceable shoes, as well as a cloak in case of cold, can be assigned to wear one of the bridesmaids or the wedding steward.


With these tips, you can organize a great wedding without any last-minute troubles. Be sure to spend enough time planning with your wedding planner along with your partner to make sure you have everything according to your needs.


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