3 Varieties of Unique Wedding Cakes With Cute and Adorable Model Design

unique wedding cakes
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Roowedding.com – What is wedding theme concept that you choose for your wedding? Do you already prepare lots of the things that you need in your moment? Such a cake, decoration, and etc. Here, we have 3 varieties of unique wedding cakes which designed with a perfect and adorable shaped that possible to choose for a wedding reception. For you who choose a fairy tale or Disney wedding concept, this is a right choice to choose for you! You may find and choose cute and unique cakes for wedding reception based on your favorite one. Let’s check this out!

Unique Fairy Tale Wedding Cake Design

For you who like a classic story such as fairy tale, this is the best idea that may you choose to apply for your wedding concept. This will make your wedding more unique and awesome. With a variety of unique cakes for wedding reception like the following picture above, you may choose the best one. There is some unique fairy tale wedding cake design which offers you a cute and adorable shaped of cake. If you choose this wedding concept, you may remember a story when you was a child. Besides that, it also unique to be chosen. As you see these designs below, there are a Mario bros, mermaid, and castle wedding cakes that you can choose for completing your wedding reception.

unique fairy tale cake
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super mario wedding cake
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wedding castle cake design
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Cute Birdcage Wedding Cake With a Beautiful Color

The next of unique wedding cakes design, this is still related to the cute and childish wedding theme. Then, the designer chooses a cute birdcage wedding cake which suitable to make your wedding looks different than others. With a variety of perfect and cute wedding cake model cakes, it also more perfecting by applying with a beautiful color for the cake. Here, the designer choosing a soft and smooth color idea as the main color of this unique wedding cakes. When you look a glimpse, this cake looks perfect with a bird, cage and other decoration on this cake. It looks so adorable and suitable for you who want to use a simple and unique wedding concept, you may support it with a wedding cake model like the picture here.

awesome birdcage cakes
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blue birdcage cakes
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pinky birdcage wedding cake
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Unique Magical Wedding Cake With an Elegant Color

Then, if you like a magic story or something elegant and unique, it is better if you applying a unique magical wedding cake for your wedding party. This may support your elegant and luxury wedding theme for your sacred moment. With this kind of cake model, you may choose with a variety of best and chic color. To make it looks elegant, better you choose a white, gold, or red color to show an elegance of your wedding theme. Choose one of the best of unique cakes for wedding reception below.

magical wedding cakes
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white awesome magical cake
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elegant magical wedding cakes
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What do you think about those unique wedding cakes above? Do you interested in choosing those cakes as the best wedding cake for your wedding reception? Make your wedding more unique and awesome with the things that may support it. Good luck!


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