Trends Wedding Color Scheme With Burgundy and White Palette Creates Vintage-Elegant Look

trends wedding color scheme
© stylishwedd – Choosing the best concept for a wedding is a must. Moreover, we should match it with a compatible color also. Here trends wedding color scheme with burgundy and white color palette is suitable to apply in your moment. Burgundy is types of a red color which look too dark than common red color. Because this color is already dark, so you should choose a neutral color to match it. That is why the wedding planner here combining a burgundy and white for this wedding concept. It will present a vintage and elegant outlook for the wedding decor ideas. Like the following picture below, you could see wedding dresses, cakes, and bouquets which use both colors for your wedding concept ideas. If you confuse to choose a suitable color for your moment, this kind of trending wedding color palette ideas below is very recommended for you.

Elegant Burgundy and White Wedding Color Dresses

Makes an extraordinary wedding is very important because when your guests come, they will feel impressed and amazed. That is why we as a wedding couple should prepare all of the wedding things perfectly. Especially for the wedding fashion, we must choose the best outfit for our wedding so when we taking a photo or meet with our guest we look so awesome. Choosing a suitable color which can match with our concept, if we want to celebrate with an elegant wedding theme, choosing a dark color is very proper. Therefore, a wedding designer here has a brilliant idea to designed wedding dresses for bride and bridesmaid with a burgundy color scheme. They combine with a white and soft pink color to make it does not look contrast. An elegant burgundy and white wedding color dresses here makes your appearance more pretty.

© stylish wedd

Gorgeous Burgundy Wedding Bouquets With Roses and Peony Flower

Then, besides we choose suitable dresses, we could think a bouquet design also for completing our wedding. Usually, the wedding planner choosing a special flower which often to use in the wedding celebration. Trends wedding color scheme with burgundy color is appropriate to choose. For this concept, they choose roses and peony flower to make this moment awesome. Those flowers look beautiful with a burgundy, white and pink color combination. For that, a gorgeous burgundy wedding bouquets here are suitable to match with your vintage elegant wedding themes. This color one of trending wedding color palette ideas which everyone often chooses for their wedding.

© stylish wedd

Vintage Burgundy and White Wedding Cakes With Florist Garnish

After you prepare for the wedding dresses and bouquets, now you should make your wedding equipment more complete by choosing the best wedding cakes design. Keep applying a burgundy and white color for this wedding concept. If you choose a vintage and elegant for your wedding party, this kind of cakes is perfecting your ideas. The wedding planner offers you a vintage burgundy and white wedding cakes which look so adorable. They do not use an excessive garnish for this cake. Put a florist and wipe cream as the garnish on it, that already looks perfect. Then, combine with a gold color palette to match your wedding cake design. By combining three the best trending wedding color palette ideas like the following picture below, your wedding cake becomes more attractive.

© stylish wedd

What do you think about those trends wedding color scheme above? Are those color might interest you to apply it for your wedding party? Let’s follow it to make your wedding perfect!


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