– For you who still looking for the best invitation wedding design, here the designer offers you attractive vintage wedding invitations which apply with a unique design. What is that? They apply laser cut model card to make the wedding invitation card looks charming. This is may you use for your vintage wedding themes. With a variety of cute model and awesome design, this may you choose to design for the cover or the combination of the paper. To make the vintage laser cut wedding invitation more perfect, you must choose a perfect color which very compatible to your wedding design. Do not wait so long, let’s take a look the design below.

Adorable Laser Cut Wedding Invitation With Colorful and Flower Design

To make your wedding invitation here looks perfect, you must choose a compatible color and awesome design. For that, the designer offers you adorable laser cut wedding invitation with colorful and flower design to make your wedding card show a different thing. Choose a bright color which can make this wedding invitation looks chic. The designer here chooses a baby blue, pink, yellow and other colors which suitable to use on this wedding card. Then for the design, they choose a flower design to beautify this wedding card. It is possible to choose for you who want to make your wedding invitation card looks adorable.

© ecinvites
© ecinvites
© ecinvites

Unique Laser Cut Wedding Invitation With Full Pattern Model

If you want to show the uniqueness of your wedding cards, you can choose with a different and unique model design. Like the picture below, the designer has been created one of attractive vintage wedding invitations with a laser cut model design and full pattern model that looks so chic. When you look a glimpse, the design looks simple but it still shows a beautifulness on it. You may choose a blue, brown, and nude color for the cover or paper of this invitation. To make it contrast, if you use a bright or dark color to design the paper of this wedding card, so for the laser cut design here, you can use a white color to match it.

© ecinvites
© ecinvites
© ecinvites

Simple Chic Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Then, if you do not like an excessive design, you may choose a simple wedding card design that applies with a laser cut model for the combination design on it. For that, there is one of the vintage laser cut wedding invitation which uses a simple design. But, to make it looks adorable, the designer choose a beautiful pattern as the laser cut wedding cover here. Then to matching the simple chic laser wedding invitation here, the designer chooses a neutral color for the paper.

© ecinvites
© ecinvites

If you still confused to find the best wedding cards for your wedding party, you may choose one of the attractive vintage wedding invitations above. You may choose a suitable design that you like for your wedding, especially for a vintage wedding theme.


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