Contemporary Wedding Dresses with Simple Design for Not-As-Girly Brides

contemporary wedding dresses
© praise wedding – Finding the unique wedding dress with sophisticated design to match your personality is a challenge for many modern brides. There is most of the girl is not look a feminine. For you who do not like a girly design, there are a simple and contemporary wedding dresses which suitable to wear. If your casual outfit always wearing a jeans and kind of a girl t-shirt, here you can customize your wedding fashion style with. You can look gorgeous without going out of your comfort zone too much! Let’s get inspired by these contemporary wedding fashion for brides below!

Stylish Crop Top Wedding Dress with White Color Design

stylish crop top wedding dress for bride
© praise wedding

Look simple but stylish can you apply to your wedding fashion. For not-as-girly brides, modern wedding dress selection may you choose with a crop top model design. You are looking so beautiful without wearing a girly dress. This kind of contemporary wedding fashion for brides here provide you a perfectness impression. White wedding dresses for bride become one of the popular colors for your suits.

Beautiful Wedding Gown Showing Your Feminine Outlook

beautiful white wedding gown design
© praise wedding

For a special moment especially a wedding party, as brides exactly you want to look beautiful even you do not have a feminine appearance. In this time, the wedding designer here creates a beautiful wedding dress which showing your feminine outlook. This model gown looks different because of the designer choose this kind of contemporary wedding dresses with elegant touch design. With a model design which looks like a mermaid gown, your appearance becomes perfect and charming.

Gorgeous Heroine Caped Wedding Dress Model Design

heroine caped gown design
© praise wedding

Another contemporary wedding fashion for brides, even you are not really like a feminine style. Gorgeous heroine cape wedding dress with a white, elegant, and modern design will dress up you into a beautiful bride. The design will describe both a not-as-girly bride and girly bride, so you do not need to worry if your appearance looks excessive. A quite simple embellishment on the gown will present a gorgeous outlook on you.

For you who interested in one of those contemporary wedding dresses above, especially for a not-as-girly bride, this gown selection is suitable to choose. That kind of dresses makes your appearance becomes perfect and outstanding. A white color choice is a popular color which compatible to match your wedding dress. Happy wedding!


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