Tips to Style Groom For a Vintage Wedding – Some Items You Should Wear

Tips to Style Groom For Vintage Wedding
© praise wedding – Are you looking for groom fashion and style for a wedding? Especially if you want to apply a vintage wedding concept, you must prepare all the things which start from wedding fashion, decoration, and others. Then, for a groom who is confused to determine what style to wear for, here Praise Wedding team will guide you and give some tips to style groom for a vintage wedding. These include some items you should wear for this moment. Check this out!

What do Grooms need to Wear in Vintage Wedding?

As a groom, you will know a wedding attire which you need to wear in the vintage wedding theme. A wedding team here give you the details information about this. You will look handsome and attractive in your special moment.

  1. Vest or coat with vintage fabric or pattern

vintage vest wedding attire
© praise wedding

Choose a simple vest or coat as outer of your shirt. Wearing a white shirt to match with the outer. For the color, it does not matter if you want to suit with your favorite color, but it is better if you suited with your wedding color. Usually, vintage wedding theme applies with a neutral color, so choose a suitable wedding attire that matched. Vintage fabric or pattern is suitable for your coat or vest.

2. Braces and Suspenders for Simple Vintage Groom

braces and suspenders groom design
© praise wedding

For you who are not comfortable wearing vest or coat, this style is suitable to choose for vintage groom attire ideas. Besides the outer above, this suits is simple in this tips to style groom for a vintage wedding. Only choosing a brace and suspenders that match with your pants color.

3. Suitable Bowties For Vintage Groom

colorful vintage bowties design
© praise wedding

Move to the accessories, this bowtie also includes in. To make your appearance perfect, wearing a tie is a must. Then, to match with your wedding fashion, choose bowties is a great idea. If you already choose a simple coat, showing something colorful on your tie.

4. Brogues or shoes for Men’s Wedding Fashion

brogue groom fashion style
© praise wedding

For the shoes, a brown color selection is very suitable to match with your outer, pants, and accessory. A simple shoe with a classic pattern also can support the vintage groom attire ideas. Avoid to wearing black shoes because it is not suitable for a vintage wedding theme.

That’s all the tips to style groom for a vintage wedding which include the items which should we wear in this moment. Every groom deserves to look awesome, especially for their appearance. Happy wedding!


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