Romantic Wedding Decor Ideas with Dreamy Pastel Color Concept

romantic wedding decor ideas
© praise wedding – Choosing a compatible color for your wedding is a must. A pretty pastel color always brings out the girly side of us. For beautiful and delicate colors in the wedding will reflect a romantic and beautiful impression to come out. If your vision for a dream wedding is princess-worthy, sweet, and utterly romantic, the pastel color scheme will certainly perfect for the concept. Romantic wedding decor ideas with this color are great and present a beautifulness to your moment. To create an elegant pastel wedding, here there are!

Romantic Wedding Decoration with Cute Pastel Color

pastel color for wedding decor
© praise wedding
colorful wedding complement decor ideas
© praise wedding

This romantic wedding decoration with cute pastel color and florist surrounds will bring out a perfect impression to your wedding place. With a variety of unique and simple decoration, these also showing a cheerfulness. Moreover, elegant pastel wedding here is suitable for you who want to celebrate in indoor. This also looks so harmonious concept because a pastel color can bring a natural view and it’s very compatible to adjust in this wedding themes.

Simple Beautiful Wedding Invitation with Soft Blue and Pink Color

pastel color wedding invitation
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For the wedding invitation, you must choose an attractive design. With your creativity, you can create something new with a pastel color. For completing your romantic wedding decor, simple beautiful wedding invitation not defeated attractive. Soft blue and pink color look beautiful to match.

Chic Wedding Bouquet for Romantic Bridal

romantic pastel color wedding bouquet
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There is a variety of chic wedding bouquets with pastel color as the main color of the flower. The designer combines it with roses, baby s breath, and carnation to make the bouquet looks perfect and pretty. Therefore, wedding bouquet here presents a romanticness and beautifulness to this elegant pastel wedding. When you holding it, your appearance will get more charming and awesome. Do you interested in this romantic wedding decor ideas?


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