The Best 3 of Wedding Reception Decor Ideas With Gorgeous and Extravagant Decoration

wedding reception decor ideas
© praise wedding – As a couple surely you want a make perfect moment for your wedding. For that, what kind of concept you desire? There are 3 of wedding reception decor ideas which decorate with great concept brimming with gorgeous and extravagant decoration. These wedding ideas may you follow as a good inspiration for your wedding reception. Three of the best wedding themes here will make your moment becomes perfect even looks awful. Therefore, if you still confused to choose a suitable concept for your moment, let’s see these kinds of wedding theme ideas for the reception below! You may choose which outstanding concept that suitable to apply in your best moment.

Elegant Wedding Concept Ideas Applied With a White Color Theme

The first wedding theme ideas for the reception here, the designer choose a white color as the main color for your wedding concept. The wedding concept here is suitable to make your reception looks elegant. You also may choose beautiful white florist to support this wedding concept. Therefore, a white color in this wedding decor will present a fabulous and charming view on it. With beautiful flowers and majestic lights here may you choose to adjust that can support your elegant wedding concept ideas. If you want to add more decoration, it is better if you adjust with a suitable ornament that related to your wedding design ideas. This white wedding decor may you choose as the best reference for your reception.

elegant wedding concept ideas
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Rustic Barn Wedding Concept Decor With Chic Lighting Details

Move to the next wedding reception decor ideas here, for the place’s decoration, it suitable to choose barn as a comfort place for a wedding reception. This very suitable and matches to this rustic wedding decoration. With chic lighting and greenery will make this concept perfect. Choose a white color and simple table set to support your chic wedding decor. This concept looks perfect with a romantic touch. For the wedding guest table decor, you should decorate it with rustic decor also. Just applying a simple branch as the main decor, then complete it by a lavender and roses florist to decorate the rustic barn wedding concept decor here.

rustic wedding concept
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Contemporary Wedding Ideas With Colorful and Charming Decor

To make your wedding looks trendy, you may choose a suitable and perfect decor that may support your concept. These varieties of wedding theme ideas for the reception here also apply with a colorful and charming decor. Such this contemporary wedding ideas, the wedding planner here has been decorated it with a beautiful and trendy decoration. To support your design, they choose a gorgeous and extravagant ornament to adjust around the wedding place here. Then, the design also looks outstanding because of the lighting effect with a beautiful and modern chandelier to make your design looks perfect. The design also shows a cheerfulness impression with a bright color combination which can show a beautiful view around it.

contemporary wedding ideas
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Which wedding reception decor ideas that you want to choose for your wedding? Let’s follow one of the following wedding themes above. Who knows, you may get a lot of inspirations while seeing those best designs for your sacred moment. Happy wedding guys!


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