Top 3 Beautiful Wedding Cakes For Your Romantic Wedding Reception

beautiful wedding cakes
© praise wedding – Wedding cakes show a romantic and sweet, we can get very excited by looking at the beautiful wedding cakes designs here.  We are not sure if this cake design is only for a girl, but many wedding cake designers get their inspiration from the brides. Sweet, elegant, gorgeous, and pretty such words which are often used to describe the bride and her wedding cake. There is some wonderful wedding cake design which describes a feminine style wedding cakes and romantic wedding reception. It sure you will love this kind of wedding cakes inspiration. Here there are few trends to help inspire your custom cake, pick your faves and discuss with your baker to come up with something similar cake design like yours

Floral Wedding Cakes For Your Romantic Wedding

The wedding cake designer offers you a variety of wedding cake inspiration design with a beautiful garnish. A flower and buttercream may you choose as the garnish of your cake. Floral wedding cakes like the following below will present a beautifulness and romantic feeling to your wedding reception. A variety of beautiful flowers here used as a perfect garnish which can show a chic effect but doesn’t look excessive. Combine a compatible color and greenery to put on as a cute decoration or topping on it. This will make a cake more awesome and amazing. This fabulous wedding cake looks unique and suits for your wedding party.

floral wedding cake ideas
© praise wedding

Fairytale Wedding Cake Design For Your Artsy Wedding

The other of beautiful wedding cakes design ideas, it is possible if you choose an awesome wedding cake with a fairytale design. In a wedding party, you may choose the decor and other complements of your wedding related to your plan. Then, for a cake, here we have the best variety of fairytale wedding cake design ideas which present an outstanding look on it. This model cake design is suitable for your artsy wedding reception. It also supports your wedding cake design to make it looks perfect and adorable. If you really like a fairytale movie and want to apply the concept to your wedding cake, this design is possible to choose!

fairytale princess-worthy design for wedding cake
© praise wedding

Contemporary Wedding Cakes With a Beautiful Decoration

Choosing a unique and beautiful wedding cake is very important for the future bride and groom. If you like something modern and trendy, this wedding cake is the best option for you. In a wedding party, you should make your moment looks awful to start from the decor, dresses, and cake also. Therefore, for a cake, there is the best variety of beautiful wedding cake inspiration ideas which present an outstanding look on it. The wedding planner has been creating a contemporary wedding cake design that sugar-coated and cute garnish on it. It will support your wedding cake design to make it looks perfect and adorable. This charming elegant wedding cake is suitable for you to choose in your trendy wedding reception.

contemporary wedding cakes
© praise wedding

So, do you interested in this beautiful wedding cakes? Which cake that you prefer for your reception? Those varieties of model design above are very appropriate to choose as the best wedding cake design. Let’s handpick one of them now!


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