Industrial Wedding Theme Ideas Mix with Modern and Rustic Concept

industrial wedding theme
© praise wedding – The industrial theme is definitely one of the most popular styles this year, and luckily it is incredibly versatile with lots of mix-and-match with other ideas. If you love the rustic chic concept, this theme is probably may you combine. Industrial wedding theme ideas here become a good option to apply for your reception and ceremony. You also may mix with a modern and rustic concept as the best decoration that applies in. Let’s read on to get inspired in every aspect of this stylish trend! Industrial wedding concept here was perfect, start from decoration, rustic wedding for the dresses, and wedding invitation was complete.

Rustic Wedding Dresses Makes You Look Elegant

Rustic wedding concept also may you combine in this theme, especially for the bridal fashion. For example like the picture below, a long-sleeve or short sleeve model design may you choose for your fashion. The designer combines with lace and brocade to adjust on this gown. Whether your dress looks simple but it will make you looks pretty and elegant. Rustic wedding dresses here the designer has been designed for you who want to look charming in your moment. Choose a white color which very suitable to make this gown perfect. Adjust a simple ornament to make this dress looks cute. This will make your industrial wedding concept more perfect and this looks matching also.

bridal wedding invitation dress
© praise wedding

Industrial Wedding Reception Decor with Chic Lighting Ideas

Then, for the place’s decoration, it suitable to choose a barn for the place in your wedding. You may discuss with your wedding organizer to mix the industrial wedding theme ideas here with a rustic concept also. Choose a chic wedding outdoor decoration for this rustic wedding concept. The reception decor is using green garlands and fabrics as the ornament combination. After that, it also completed with a classic table set to support this industrial wedding reception decor. Adjust a sparkling lighting or bulb lights which can make it looks more charming. This concept showing a romantic nuance and modernity also. Just applying a simple branch as the main decor, then complete it with a floral to suit the concept here.

industrial wedding reception decor
© praise wedding

Industrial Wedding Invitation Combined with Rustic Ideas

To perfecting your industrial wedding concept, wedding invitation card design also must be decorated with perfect design. The designer was smart, by combining with a rustic idea, this wedding invitation looks unique. This also can support an industrial concept here. This will make industrial wedding invitation card ideas here showing vintage and modern design even perfect. Add a simple ornament to decorate this invitation is a great idea. This is suitable for a combination design on it. For you who want to add other ornaments, you may adjust it, but remember do not use something excessive. Just make the simple one but it can present a perfectness.

industrial wedding invitation
© praise wedding

Do and apply something different to your wedding guys! Do not use the usual concept idea for your wedding. It is possible to try and apply this modern rustic industrial wedding theme idea. But, if you want another option, please browse our article about romantic and chic industrial wedding concepts. If you are interested, let’s follow this immediately!


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