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Your smartphone has some amazing time saving features. You can take Google Now as an example. If you don’t have enough time, just ask “Tell me the way back home” and the time to your place of residence will be calculated from the location you are at. If you don’t have an Android smartphone that automatically learns where your home or work address is based on your daily commute, you’ll need to enter it manually to use this feature.

How to navigate the way from one location to another?

Google Now

Go to Google Maps and tap the Settings menu (on iOS, you can access this from the tab on the left side of the display). Tap Settings, then tap Edit Home or Work, and enter your address. At this time, this option is limited to two addresses, but even if it says so, it doesn’t have to be your place of residence or work. It can only be a place you visit often, for example your home and your friend’s home.

The destinations that you visit more often will pop up as the destination you want to go to when you search it on the navigation search bar. In addition, the Google Search app, which allows iOS users to swipe up to access Google Now, simply scroll down to see a map showing their distance from home. After a long period of use, you can also ask Google Now, “Tell me your return directions.” The app offers navigation and travel time almost instantly.

Google Maps

To find out exactly how far two (or more) points are on a map Google Maps is an extremely helpful tool. As of yesterday, you can now right-click anywhere on Google Maps on the web and select Measure Distance to see a digital ruler that shows how far the two points are. It doesn’t stop at the street. Maps can be measured from one point to another, whether it’s the sea, buildings, or the other side of the globe. You can also place multiple points so that the ruler can change direction. Google Maps always provided distance measurements when the route is oriented, but is limited to paths along the route. If you want to measure between two points on the map, you have to draw the distance myself using the small distance marker in the map legend. It never helped very much.


Navigation via Google Now and Google Maps has made not only our personal lives easier but also made businesses more accessible and easier to locate. Here are some advantages.

More people find out about your business

One of the biggest benefits of using Google Maps is finding your business quickly. The local search feature allows you to identify and list the companies that are related to your search on Google Maps. Users can effortlessly view their options before deciding to visit or contact the company. Google Maps are both a search engine to find the business user you are looking for and a map that guides you to reach the specific location.

Customers can easily and quickly contact businesses

When users view your list on Google Maps, the app provides a comprehensive directory of your company, including your company’s phone number. Also, most Google Maps searches are done from smartphones, so you can call the store with the tap of your finger. People use Google Maps to make decisions such as where to look for donuts and clothing stores nearby, so this platform allows users to easily contact the company, ask questions, and then visit the outlet.  You can decide whether or not to do so. This makes it easy for users to take the next step and allows businesses to reach out to prospects directly.

Encourage customers to visit your outlet/store

Google Maps not only provides your company’s phone number, but also highlights other contacts and visits. For a business with physical stores such as a restaurant, users can quickly look up their business profile and find directions from one particular location. You do not need to switch apps or websites. Just scroll and tap between leads and customers. For companies that sell services or products that require more research, or make large purchases, you can access the website directly from the list on Google Maps. This allows users to easily study and learn about the company. The Google Maps platform is a major driver of both personal and website traffic.

Reviews and ratings build credibility

Nothing builds more trust in your brand than validation from other customers. The most successful way to do this is to use the online rating that Google Maps displays in your profile entry. Customer credibility depends on star ratings, written reviews, and submitted images. For many businesses they encourage consumers to leave reviews on Google Maps. It helps other prospects build trust in the business and generate traffic on website. Google Maps is a powerful tool. As its capabilities and capabilities grow, so does its position as an active marketing tool for businesses and as a search engine for customers.

Final thoughts

Google Now and Google maps have made our lives considerably easier. If we get lost we can easily navigate our way out to our destination. All you need is an internet connection and smart phone. Just like smart phones have made our lives easier outside the home, smart devices have also made our lives easier inside our homes too. They save time, energy and most importantly cuts down our electricity bills. It is a great way to learn more about your energy consumption at home. However, you may reach out to First Energy Potomac Edison for more queries related to utility bills and payment plans.


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