Pastel Wedding Outfits for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid and Groomsmen | Check Out the Design Here!


Planning a wedding is not as easy as we think because sometimes it is quite confusing since we have to choose a lot of things starting from the theme, decorations, wedding outfits and much more. Whereas it is very important to give a good impression for every people who take part in our wedding. And if you still got no idea about those things, we have a very nice recommendation for you. It is the pastel wedding theme.

Just for your information that the pastel wedding theme focuses on using the things in a pastel color which has a characteristic of soft, colorful, and cheerful. And below here, we are going to share and discuss the wedding outfits first. Now, let us check it out!

Bride Wedding Dresses and Groom Suits

Firstly, we are going to show you the wedding dresses and suits with a pastel color that will make you and your mate look gorgeous and cheerful.

peach wedding dress
© Chris R
light blue wedding dress
© Sofia Peralta
multicolor pastel wedding dress
© Diana

The bride’s wedding dress which has a pastel color is really beautiful to see. A wedding dress like that will not only make the user looks beautiful but also graceful.

There are a lot of pastel color that you can choose for your wedding dress such as peach like on the first picture, light blue on the second picture, or the third one which has a multicolor design.

The soft color displayed by the pastel wedding dress will make all people who attend your wedding ceremony amazed and carried away by the cheerful atmosphere.

mint wedding suits
© Vincent Wooding
light blue wedding suits
© Claire Wrobel
tan wedding suits
© Ali Donaghy

Similar to the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s suits also have a lot of varieties of pastel color which is good to be applied for your wedding like the mint color (first picture), light blue (second picture), and tan color (the last one) which similar to a skin color.

The groom who wears the suits which uses a pastel color must look cool, handsome, fresh and young at the same time. No matter how old you are, it will make you look younger and fresher.

So, maybe you can use the same color with your mate and surely, all people will be jealous with both of you.

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen Attire

In every wedding ceremony, there must be bridesmaid and groomsmen which have a duty to escort the bride and groom respectively. Their existence is really needed and has a quite important role for a wedding. Now, let us check out the design below.

colorful pastel bridesmaid dress
© wedding chicks
gorgeous pastel bridesmaid dress
© Green Wedding Shoes
pastel wedding bridesmaid dress
© Ellen Anatasia

As we know that bridesmaid dress often looks simpler than the bride’s wedding dress. But, it can also use a pastel color to match the bride’s dress. With lots of colors to choose such as peach, pink, light blue, violet, and etc, it would be easy for us in choosing which color would be suitable.

There are also so many kinds of bridesmaid dresses which would make them looks beautiful. You can see some of the examples above starting from the first until the third picture which has a different design one to another.

What a really great combination of a great dress design and a gorgeous pastel color. The bridesmaid will look so beautiful with a dress with a pastel color like this and of course, they will not be less beautiful with the bride.

white grey groomsmen attire
© Moonlight Bridal
peach khaki groomsmen attire
© Kristen Hansen
white beige groomsmen attire
© Harriet Soloman

The groomsmen have a very similar role or duty like the bridesmaid in a wedding. The difference is that they are accompanying the groom, not the bride which is the duty of the bridesmaid.

Their role is so important as well and that is why finding a good attire for the groomsmen is a must. To match the theme, the groomsmen also need to wear the attire which has a pastel color like some of the example pictures above.

There are a lot of pastel color choice that you can choose for them and the color like white, grey, khaki, beige, peach, and light brown are the most common pastel color that is used by the groomsmen. So, you do not need to be confused to choose it.

Final Words

We have shared all of the examples that you want to see and we really hope that it may help you in deciding the design and the color that you want to use for your wedding outfits. Then, if you still not satisfied with what we have served above and still needs more information about wedding things, just visit immediately our website Roowedding.


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