Classic and Vintage Theme for Groom Wedding Style

groom wedding style
© praise wedding – As with wedding dresses, grooms wear also goes through definite trends over time. Choosing the right groom wedding style for your wedding day needs to be a combination of personal taste, time of day, and the wedding theme. On this time, Praise Wedding team will offer you a classic and vintage theme which suitable for groom attire. This fashion is popular styles available for the groomsmen, you may see what kind of suitable wedding fashion for men below! There is some model of man’s wedding style which has a charming look.

Classic Groom Fashion with Vest

classic groom wedding style with vest
© praise wedding

If you celebrate your wedding with a classic theme, as groom or bride, both of you should choose the best wedding fashion which suitable to wear. Here, wedding fashion for men with classic theme becomes the most favorite attire that groom always choose in the United State, but other countries also interested in wearing this one. Complete with vest, it very supports your classic look. Choose a pastel color tone to make your appearance looks charming.

Passionate Vintage Groom Wedding Fashion

passionate vintage groom attire
© praise wedding

Having a passionate appearance will raise up your confidence, especially for a groom. Even you choosing a classic and vintage theme for man wedding attire, this passionate vintage groom wedding style is suitable to wear in your special moment. This look is quite simple but looks very unique. With colorful braces and suspenders that match with your chino pants, your appearance looks perfect. Cute bowtie and colorful socks will support your wedding fashion theme.

Vintage-Inspired Man Wedding Attire

vintage-inspired groom style
© praise wedding

It is your taste to choose vest, coat, or braces and suspenders for your wedding fashion, especially for men. Vintage-inspired becomes the main theme to make your appearance look classic even vintage. But this wedding fashion for men also not gone out from a fashionable look. A good mix and match the color between your top, pants, and your outer, your appearance more perfect and cool.


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