How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Look


Have you found the ideal dress for your big day? If you have, you’ve made only half of the journey. The remaining part is more challenging than you can imagine. Weddings are more than those expensive garments.

Finding the right makeup for your wedding can be a hard task, not because they are not there but due to the varieties available. However, don’t make it more complicated than the hustle you went through before landing your fiancé.

Below are tips on how to choose your wedding makeup look.

Do Your Homework

Makeup, especially in events such as this, is not a matter of trial and error. You have to be sure of what you are doing. It doesn’t happen by accident that you are having a wedding tomorrow. There is always a planning phase before the actual day.

During this planning phase, attend as many weddings as possible. After all, you are on a learning mission.

Apart from weddings, observe the makeup worn by various celebrities as they grace various red carpet events. If you cannot identify it at a go, follow them on their social media accounts and inquire.

Your local cosmetologist can also help you to understand what could work best for you.

Put the Weather into Consideration

You may be wondering what the relationship between wedding makeup and weather is. However, the truth of the matter is that makeup that works for you in the summer will be a big letdown during winter.

When is your wedding? Will it be in the Summer, Winter, or somewhere in-between? Well, don’t spend much time thinking about the weather. Instead, follow this to understand which makeup looks work for a particular weather.

The soaring sun of the summer will not work with creamy makeup. This is where the powder-based makeup becomes of great help. However, the latter can be perfect during winter. In case it is during the Christmas season, a luminous makeup look will work wonders.

Bronzers make your skin look shiny, which will be a distraction during the summer.

Blush It

If you’ve been to a wedding before, what did you notice about the face of the bride? Whether you have been there or not, you might have heard of this word.

Traditionally, a bride cannot rock a plain face on the wedding day. They will need some additional substances to enhance their checks. This is where the blushing products come into play.

Blushes come in a variety of forms, may it powder or sometimes cream. A good number of them are made of natural substances that are nutritious to the skin. At the same time, some are made of clay, which contains silica, a vital mineral for the skin.

Be sure that the blushes you pick work correctly for you. If not confident, go for several brands and experiment to ascertain the one that works for you.

Go Natural

Different companies have adopted various procedures for manufacturing skincare products. While some use natural ingredients, others have decided to use pure chemicals. In most cases, the chemicals will be good for the look. However, they can harm you after some time of regular use.

Before you lift any product from the shelf, check the ingredients. Most chemicals have a bleaching effect, which distracts the whole integrity of your skin. As such, make sure the product you pick is made of natural substances.

If the chemicals have to be present, let the percentages be specified. This way, you will be able to pick something that works well for your skin.

Pick the Right Contouring Kit

The word looks foreign, but contouring is something you interact with every other day as you get a dose of those Indian movies. Contouring is a useful skill that enhances the face’s structure.

An appropriate contouring kit is vital for the success of the whole process. This kit has all you need apart from the contours themselves. The best you can do is pick the right equipment for your face and leave the rest to specialists.

It will be hard to achieve the coveted wedding look on your own, so you want to have someone do it on your behalf.

Be You

A wedding should never be the end of the world for you. In this case, choose products that are friendly to your skin. If you used something and it failed in the past, don’t be coaxed into trying it a second time. The results of the previous trial are enough for the experience.

As you choose your wedding makeup, do not run away from your skin tone. Different makeup is made for different skin types. Choose accordingly, depending on where you belong.

Although it is your big day, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve that look. Just work within your means. After all, it is just a day. Frankly, it may not even last a whole day.

Have a Trial Phase

Just because makeup looks pleasant from the shelf and on another person’s face does not ensure it will look fantastic on yours. That is why you are told to test the chosen makeup in the early phase to determine what look works for you.

If possible, begin shopping for the products two months before the wedding date. This is the only way you will have exposure to all available products. At the same time, the trial phase ensures that you have a feel of the makeup before the d-day.

Let the same specialist who will be in charge on that very day do the job. Assess the options and get the wedding day look. If there are changes, let them be made before it is too late.

The Wedding Garment is Part of the Makeup

The makeup look you adopt should match with the general appearance of other items. The garment is more valuable than the makeup, thus should dictate the choice you make.

While trying the makeup, use garments that have a color similar to that of the gown. Do not attempt to use the actual garment for apparent reasons.

The makeup look and choice of dress are just a fraction of wedding requirements. All that matters is the confidence you put on your face on that big day. Donning expensive jewels with zero confidence will just ruin your day.


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