Striking Wedding Invitations Designed With an Elegant and Gorgeous Concept Ideas

striking wedding invitation
© mod wedding – Do you still looking for a wedding invitation? These striking wedding invitations below may you choose for your wedding equipment. The wedding planner has been designing an elegant and gorgeous concept ideas for this. For you who want to make your wedding card looks perfect, this types of wedding invitation are suitable to choose. With a beautiful and charming color, this will beautify your wedding concept. A variety of an attractive design for the cover of this wedding card, it brings out a uniqueness your model wedding invitation card. Therefore the striking wedding card design here may you choose to make your wedding reception more perfect and complete.

Gorgeous Wedding Invitation With Flower Cover Design

To make your wedding card looks different than others, you may choose a gorgeous cover for the paper. With a colorful and bright color selection, this makes the wedding invitation becomes perfect and chic. The flower cover design on the paper brings out a uniqueness to the design. For that, a gorgeous wedding invitation that shows here is appropriate for you to choose. This kind of design using a cute patterned model on on it. If you interested in this striking wedding card design like the following picture below, apply it for your wedding invitation concept. Make it looks attractive on the design.

elegant wedding invitation
© mod wedding
flower wedding invitation
© mod wedding
flower cover wedding invitation
© mod wedding

Elegant Dark Wedding Invitation With a Charming Design

Besides it using a bright color, it also possible to choose a dark color such black for the cover of the wedding card. The designer chooses this color to bring out an elegant impression. The design still applies with a flower concept. This design makes the wedding invitation looks charming and unique. Even the design a little bit looks simple but you can still make it more perfect with the decoration. Just apply a simple decoration with a ribbon or any brocade to bring a gorgeous impression. This elegant dark wedding invitation uses a gold, a white color combination that very compatible to combine with a dark color. Striking wedding invitations like this is suitable to completing your elegant wedding concept.

elegant black wedding card
© mod wedding
black and gold wedding invitation
© mod wedding
black and white wedding invitation
© mod wedding
monochrome wedding invitation design
© mod wedding

Attractive Wedding Invitation Designed With Modern Ideas

Then, if you want to show a unique and attractive design, this wedding invitation like the following picture below may you follow. To bring out a modern and trendy outlook, this kind of striking wedding card design here is a great idea to choose. With modern concept ideas which apply to the design, it looks perfect. Just choose a white color to apply to this design. An attractive wedding invitation like this may you choose for you who want a modern wedding concept but it looks a quite simple. Combine with other neutral colors to match the wedding card.

white wedding invitation
© mod wedding
gorgeous wedding invitation
© mod wedding
gray wedding invitation
© mod wedding

Do not be confused anymore, if you still looking for the best wedding card design, here is a great one! Striking wedding invitations with a variety of gorgeous and modern model design like this may you follow. This will make your wedding plan more perfect and outstanding. Happy wedding 🙂


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