Attractively Wedding Cakes with Feather Theme Ideas

attractively wedding cakes
© Sally Pinera – Choosing beautiful and unique design for wedding cake will determine a peculiarity of your wedding party. If you want present something unusual and interesting, these attractively wedding cakes with feather theme ideas are the right option. Sometimes most people are choosing a floral, sugar-coated, or whip-cream for designing the cake, here you will look something different and unique. Feather garnish might be used for the topping of your cake. Therefore, you should see a variety of fabulous feather wedding cakes below!

Beautiful Feather Wedding Cakes

chic and elegant cake with feather design
© Victoria Made

With a white layered for the basic cream on your cake, it makes your cake look sleek and fabulous. Then, a imitate feather design might you add for the topping on it. Adjust an elegant beaded embellished to perfecting the cake like the picture above.

beautiful white feather wedding cake
© Sweets Bakeshop

A simple and beautiful design like the cake above is suitable for your wedding reception. It looks charming whether you only apply a feather garnish on it.

swan feather wedding cake design
© Maggie Austin

Choosing the best design idea for your fabulous feather wedding cakes with a swan lake design. By applying the concept, it makes your cake look more stunning absolutely. It might evoke a fancy and gorgeous design for the wedding cake.

Simple Elegant Wedding Cake with Touch of Feather Gold

white and gold wedding cake design
© Victoria Made

Adjust a bit gold decoration to decorate your wedding cake to bring out a bit glamor look. Then a feather topping keeps use to beautify the cake design. A white color concept becomes the best color selection for the basic color of beautiful wedding cake.

gold feather design for cake
© Butter End Cakery

Then, a touch of gold garnish is matching with to be added to your attractively wedding cakes. Make a feather shape with gold color will bring out an elegant and expensive look for its cake. For a wedding reception that carries out an elegant theme, the wedding cake above might you choose, so your special moment getting perfect.

gold feather cake design
© Cake-ology

If you prefer to choose a simply elegant wedding cake, this kind of wedding cake ideas above is suitable for you. Make with a white whip-cream and put a gold feather decoration on the side’s cake, it will make it looks chic.

Cute Small Feather Wedding Cakes

two tier delicate feather wedding cake
© The Cake That Ate Paris

Full feather for a small wedding cake design looks unique and beautiful. This is an exciting concept that you can choose to design your cake. A white smooth feather will beautify your cake design idea.

small wedding cake with feather
© Megan Joy Cakes

Small wedding cake with feather garnish on it will make your cake looks chic and cute. Adding a floral on the top, it is suitable for the sweetest wedding cake design.

white small fabulous feather cakes
© Alana Jones Mann

Then, a white feather garnish which made from white-milk chocolate will become the simple design to decorate the small cake. This is suitable for you who want to celebrate your special moment with a minimalist theme. So, which attractively wedding cakes you like?


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