Beautiful Vintage Wedding Decor Looks Delightful By Applying Tent Concept Ideas

beautiful vintage wedding decor
© happy wedd – Choosing vintage wedding ideas is great for the reception. But, if you still confused to find the suitable concept, a beautiful vintage wedding decor here will make your wedding ceremony becomes more awesome. When you see the design below, there is a variety of wedding concept which applies a tent ideas. By charming and outstanding wedding theme decor below, it will make this place looks delightful. Complete with a beautiful and chic ornament to decorate whole of the wedding reception place here, it retreats you to a vintage feel. You must see how the beautiful vintage wedding design ideas here look likes. Who knows you will get a lot of inspiration while seeing them.

Vintage Tent Wedding Concept Applying With a Soft Color and Lantern

To support your beautiful vintage wedding design ideas like the following picture below, the wedding designer here offers you a white chic wedding tent which completes with lantern decor. This vintage tent wedding concept with a soft color here will make your reception perfect. With an open concept to nature like this, your guests are free and can enjoy the scenery outside. With a soft pink or purple color here, it makes your wedding place looks delightful. To make it more perfect, adjusting a florist decor also is a great idea to perfecting your wedding area.

soft pink wedding decor
© happy wedd
charming wedding tent
© happy wedd


awesome wedding tent design
© happy wedd 

Beautiful Tent Wedding Looks So Gorgeous By Applying White Florist Decor

Move to the next beautiful vintage wedding decor, the wedding here make it looks more attractive by applying white florist decor. This concept applies to a tent design ideas as the main design. Then, to make this design more perfect, using a white color is very compatible to support your vintage decor ideas. With a beautiful florist decor ideas, it will make the decoration around this wedding place looks elegant and gorgeous. It presents a perfectness around it with a white florist. Then you also can decorate the aisle and altar decoration with the flowers decor. If you want to make it more perfect, you can adjust another ornament decor around in. The wedding planner here has been created a beautiful tent wedding for an outdoor wedding.

white wedding tent
© happy wedd
an open wedding tent
© happy wedd
white wedding decor
© happy wedd 

White Vintage Wedding Decor With a Perfect Chandeliers and Candle Lighting

Then for the best outdoor beautiful vintage wedding design ideas here, the designer applies a vintage decor that looks delightful by applying a tent concept. This vintage idea may you support with the decoration around this place. Perfect chandeliers and candle lights like the design here may you choose as the main decor in this vintage wedding decor. It will bring out a perfect light to your wedding place. For you who want to add other decorations, do not add an excessive decor but use a simple one which can make it looks harmonious. The lights and candles here may you adjust around the place. A white and black color combination is very suitable to match in.

charming wedding ideas
© happy wedd
wedding tent decor
© happy wedd
gorgeous wedding tent
© happy wedd 

What do you think about beautiful vintage wedding decor above? With a perfect color, ornament, and decoration around this will make your wedding area looks delightful and awesome. So, let’s follow and apply it now! Happy wedding guys.


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