7 Beautiful Wedding Receptions with Geometric Decoration Theme Ideas


Roowedding.com The wedding reception is an important ceremony that you need to plan properly. Because of this, you need to bring out some theme ideas that have beautiful decorations. The one that becomes a trend today is geometrical theme ideas. What make this decoration ideas unique is because they could give romantical vibrant with unusual decorations everywhere.

What is geometric? It’s a shape that’s usually found in mathematchical concept. If you found rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, diamond ornaments , those all that called geometric decorations. To give you beautiful wedding reception, here are some some geometric decorations theme ideas to inspire your wedding concept.

Colorful Geometric Decoration Theme

colorful geometric wedding decoration ideas

If you adore cheerful and enjoyable wedding theme ideas, just try to adopt a colorful geometric theme. For this, you can bring out bright color palettes in pentagon decoration on your wedding cake. Aside from it, the ideas can you stick out for unique wedding invitation concepts. Table centerpieces are the best part to bring the theme out. Meanwhile, the most important decoration in a wedding reception is arch and backdrop decorations. So, adorn it beautifully with geometric shapes and colorful flowers. Make your wedding reception become beautiful and lovely.

Botanical Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

The brides who are like the garden wedding concept, you can try to add a unique and romantic idea with geometric decorations. Bring out geometric shapes for the hanging decoration as for the lantern. Terrariums with some greenery and flowers could be used for adorning the table center. Besides that, you can bring a unique design with a geometric and greenery accent to your wedding invitation. Decorate and do your beautiful wedding reception in the greenhouse also look great.

Geometric Greenery Wedding Theme

For the greenery wedding concept ideas, it’s almost the same as with the botanical garden idea. However, the concept of decoration is a bit different. If a botanical garden is full of colorful decoration, but in the greenery decoration they just stick pastel and green basic colors for a foresty look. To get a beautiful wedding reception, just add a geometrical decoration idea into it. For this, ask your wedding planner to bring out some geometric themes on your wedding decoration ideas such as on arch and backdrops. Besides that, geometrical flower stands on the table also would astonish your venue. Another geometrical decoration idea that’s mostly used for table centerpieces is terrariums.

Black and White Wedding Decoration Concept

Black and white are the most favorite concepts in wedding reception theme ideas. This would present an urban and modern decoration to your wedding. With a little geometric touching, your black and white wedding theme would be more romantic and beautiful. For instance, having the black-white strips for the backdrops and creating a little abstract in a geometrical pattern. Turning your black wedding cake with rectangle shapes rather than common round shapes. Includes the geometric concept on your wedding invitation designs. Also don’t miss out on geometric centerpiece decorations to adorn elegant tables in your wedding reception.

Bohemian Geometric Concept Idea

Bohemian wedding theme ideas generally come in something that rustic, hippie, and having romantic vibrant. However, you can still give the other romantic details and also unique ones by containing a geometric decoration ideas. I think it would be worked because some bohemian patterns usually show in geometric shapes. For example, build out a pyramid blossom for wedding arch decorations. A rhombus wedding backdrop is really good for your altar decoration. Details that never be missing out, geometric table centerpieces. For this, wedding planners usually arrange some flowers to put on geometric terrariums. The combo of two concepts would bring out beautiful wedding reception ever.

Glam Geometric Wedding Receptions

Never be bored with geometric wedding themes ideas to create beautiful reception. This theme is one of the decoration ideas that would be suited with other wedding concepts. If you want romantic glamorous wedding reception, you can bring gold geometric decoration ideas. For instance, adding gold geometric patterns to your wedding cake is the way to look glam. Besides that, pull out these golden colors in other decorations and accessories. You can choose gold for pentagon hanging decorations, or bring gold terrarium lantern for table centerpieces. This is all you should be included to have beautiful geometric wedding decorations.

Modern Industrial Geometric Wedding Idea

Industrial is a kind of wedding concept that brings the new look from a neglected or abandoned place to become a chic wedding reception place. The shabby look from the place actually gives unique details to your wedding concept theme. Unappealing details like exposed bricks or peeling paint would be stunning if you adorn it with beautiful geometric decoration ideas. The combination of two themes in your wedding reception would give modern details that are lovely. Suppose to give hexagon arch for industrial wedding backdrops. Glass terrariums and lantern to give romantic vibrant. Geometric hanging decorations with flowers also look good to give fresh look. You can also arrange rectangle brick for the candle stand in the middle of the table. You can have more decoration ideas that involve geometric themes in your industrial wedding. Just discuss with your wedding planner and find some unique inspirations on the internet.

Romantic Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic also become popular now for the wedding concept. This theme gives more details that are sweet and romantic. I think this concept is combining industrial, bohemian, and greenery themes. Rustic is close to nature look, farm, and modest decoration. So, if you want to create it for your wedding reception you can start by choosing wooden furniture. Another detail to consider, you should find a place like the industrial concept or farm look. Make all a bit modern and classy by having geometric decoration ideas. You can stick out a little geometric detail on your rustic wedding reception such as having a terrarium on table centerpieces. Another way, you can have a geometric cake stand to make the theme. Perfect all your wedding reception ideas with some white flowers on your decoration ideas.

So, do you interest to have this geometric decoration ideas? Which one do you prefer most? Every wedding theme ideas has its beautifulness and could presenting your happiness. Anything you will choose, just make it wonderful to give you perfect wedding reception.


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