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We cannot deny that holding a ceremony will drain our finances a lot. There are a lot of things that we have to spend such as the outfits, venue, and decorations. Many people are trying to keep their expenses down by doing a lot of things although their ways are not quite effective.

Here, we have a way that will help you out. The best way to do that is by making your own wedding decorations. That is why we would like to share some examples that you may follow about DIY wedding decorations on this occasion. So now, let us check it out together.

Wedding Sign

The first decoration that you can make yourself is the wedding sign. As we know, this decoration often found in a wedding ceremony as the sign and announcement of our wedding ceremony. And rather than you buy it, you can simply make it on your own. Below here, we have some good examples for you.

wedding sign 1
© Jessica P

A wedding sign can be made by using the wood as the main material. You can even use a pallet like this in order to make it. Just make it simple and it already looks gorgeous to welcome the incoming guests.

wedding sign 2
© Ana Luisa Gonzalez

There a lot of wedding sign designs that you can make by using the wood material beside the first example. A simple wedding sign like this also looks good for your wedding.

wedding sign 3
© Hope Blooms Flowers And Things

If you want to get a more beautiful design, you can combine it with some greenery, flower and a stand like this. Surely, it will make your wedding become more interesting and awesome.


The next decoration examples are the wedding table centerpiece. This decoration will make the tables for your wedding ceremony looks attractive. Also, it will increase the lovely atmosphere in your wedding. Now, in order to make it happen, just follow all the design of centerpieces below.

wedding centerpiece 1
© Stephanie Paris

There is no need to confuse in making this decoration. A tin can like this can be a lovely centerpiece if we are really creative. This is just a simple one and it can still be modified into a gorgeous design like the one below.

wedding centerpiece 2
© Liz Vega

Look at that, the design becomes more beautiful with the use of colorful flowers and candlelight in a small jar. What a great idea.

wedding centerpiece 3
© Aryssa Bean

Or you can try this one. A tin can centerpiece with flowers and placed on the top of a wooden board shaped like a disc. It just looks that simple but already looks different.

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Wedding backdrop is quite important for a wedding ceremony as it will be the background when we swear to be faithful to our mate. Also, it will become the background when we take a picture together with our relatives and friends. Luckily, this decoration also can be made on our own. Just check out the designs below.

wedding beckdrop 1
© Laryssa Souza

The first example is like a photo frame which is quite easy to be made. The material needed also not too hard to be found. So, it would be a creative idea to make a backdrop like this.

wedding backdrop 2
© Anyelia Apzhari

The second one you can make use the flowers in order to create a stunning and gorgeous backdrop like the example above. This decoration will absolutely increase the romantic atmosphere in your wedding ceremony.

wedding backdrop 3
© Bridalore

The last one is quite unique where you can use some old doors that you do not use anymore to become a backdrop. Decorated with some flowers, the design looks really great for sure.

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When holding a wedding ceremony, there must be a lot of chairs there. And if you do not decorate it properly, your wedding will not leave a good impression on all the invited guests. And now, let us check out some examples of wedding chairback below before you decorate the chairs at your wedding.

wedding chairback 1
© Cathy Coleman

You can use a burlap fabric like this to decorate the chairs. This fabric will make the display of the chairs look beautiful especially when you added some flowers to it.

wedding chairback 2
© Roane Akchurin

Or you can use this kind of fabric to decorate it. The white color of this fabric really suits with the chair with a brown color like that. Similar to the first one, this decoration will be more beautiful with an addition of flowers.

wedding chairback 3
© Shendy Gunawan

Next, we have a heart shaped decoration which made of rattan and hanged on the chair with gorgeous tapes on its left and right. And as a sweetener, you can add pink rose like that.


That is all the wedding decorations that you can make yourself. All the examples that we have shared above are the best designs according to us. Hopefully, they suit your taste. And do not forget to keep visiting our website Roowedding because you will find a lot of information about the things for a wedding.


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